Honey of a thousand flowers  or multi floral is a natural product that has been elaborated in the stomach of the bees from the nectar of numerous flowers and honeydew of the trees.

1. Our raw honey of a thousand flowers

The honey of a thousand flowers is the most common and consumed. However, this does not detract from the fact that it stands out in the same way as the others. Among the most important characteristics of this honey, we have the following:

a) Color

First of all, the raw honey of a thousand flowers has no fixed color. In addition this varies depending on the year and the zone, because it depends on the flora that proceeds. Also, it usually comes from some source with myelates, so it often takes darker colors.

b) Aroma

The aroma of this honey stands out for its powerful and forceful taste with floral notes. When savouring these types of honey, it produces sweet sensations with light acid or salty notes.

c) Flowering and harvesting

Therefore, this honey does not have a single source, unlike single-flower honeys. That is to say, the honey that has been elaborated from numerous natural sources, without being any of them predominant. For this reason, the honey from my flowers or multifloral is collected throughout the entire productive period of the bees, from spring to autumn.

Video: Forests and meadows of Spain

Our honey of a thousand flowers has nothing to do with the honey of Mercadona or hacendado. Our honey has much more flavor and aroma. Therefore, it is a real honey.

d) Collection of honey from a thousand flowers:

Thousand flower honey is harvested in June and July. Unlike the mountain honeys that are harvested in the following months. These honeys can have very dark colors and similar to the naked eye, but their taste, aroma and characteristics are totally different.

Multi-flower honey comes mostly from flower nectars. Mountain honey, on the other hand, has a high mineral content because it comes from the honeyates of trees and shrubs.

The same colour in multi-flower honeys is due to the nectars and pollen of the flowers collected by bees. The chestnut and blackberry give very dark tones to the honeys.

Another characteristic that differentiates the thousand flower honeys from the mountain honeys is their electrical conductivity. The higher the electrical conductivity, the higher the mineral content and the less sweet. The mountain has an electrical conductivity always much higher than that of a thousand flowers.

f) Destination population

The honey of a thousand flowers is intended for the entire public. Although its consumption is not recommended to children under 2 years.

g) Preferred consumption

After two years, it should not exceed 40 mg/Kg MHF.

2. Benefits and properties 

The honey of a thousand flowers is a natural product that bring benefits to our health. Benefits that have been taken advantage of hundreds of generations. These benefits are due to two fundamental reasons.

Firstly, honey has a high sugar content and enzymes. Secondly, it has many beneficial components from the nectar of the various flowers and myelates of the trees.

Although these effects are not patented that brings us the honey. We can say the following following following references from researchers and popular culture:

  • Constipation and sore throat. According to these sources, any type of quality honey helps against these discomforts.

However, the honey of a thousand flowers not having a constant composition, we can not indicate specific characteristics. Since they are going to depend on the type of floras the contributions that us of this honey.

What is clear is that honey is a natural product. As a natural product, it will always be one of the healthiest sweeteners we have.

3. Recommendations

The honey of thousand flowers is ideal for those not looking for certain flavors of a honey, because each jar will have its own particular one.

The great cooks usually use honey to pair cured cheeses, fruits such as bananas and as an ingredient in the preparation of ice cream.

4. Indications

Honey of a thousand flowers usually crystallizes fairly quickly, but this depends entirely on its natural sources. If the honey is darker, it will crystallize very slowly. Also, its aroma and color will vary each year and in each region.

5. Origin

We have visited all our beekeepers in order to ensure the honesty and quality of what we sell. Of all the beekeepers we have selected, we currently work with four that offer us honey from a thousand flowers:

  • Apícola Moreno: This is a beekeeper we know very well. For this reason, their honeys are some of the ones we sell the most. The beekeeper is located in Brihuega, a town in Guadalajara. This village is well known for its lavender fields and its lavender honey.
    Rancho Cortesano: Beekeeper located in Jerez who produces conventional and organic honey.
  • Obreras de Aliste: Beekeeper with the peculiarity that has the latter, is that its hives are stationary throughout the year, as the rest practices transhumance, ie moving the hives in search of blooms.

Next we show you a video of the apiary of the Obreras de Aliste

Video of Zamora’s field

6. More information

Here we want to show you questions that you usually ask us both in our physical store and on the phone. Among the frequently asked questions, we have the following:

  • Why is the honey of a thousand flowers the cheapest?

Many people have asked me this question, suspecting that this honey could be of lower quality than the rest. However, this honey is of the same quality. The reasons why these honeys are sold at a lower price are the following:

  • More common honey and greater supply: As the honey is produced more and the most common, its price is lower.
  • Lower margins: It is also true that as there is more demand, we lower the price of it, and as a result its price is considerably lower than the rest.

Finally, we want to show you some more specific information about the honeys we sell. For this reason, we are going to indicate the chemical analyses of the honeys we sell

Is it worse or better honey than others?

Sometimes it is believed, that because it is a cheaper honey, it is of worse quality. However, this is not so, if the honey is of quality, its properties are as good as others.