Honey of a thousand flowers  or wildflower is a natural product that has been elaborated in the stomach of honeybees from the nectar of any flower and honeydew of trees. ¡Top quality honeys that will help you to strengthen your health!.

Selection of multi-flower or wildflowers honey of the highest quality from Spanish local beekeepers who use sustainable practices.


  1. Our raw honey of a thousand flowers
  2. Benefits and properties
  3. Pairing
  4. Indications
  5. Origin
  6. Frequently asked questions

Summary: Wildflower honeys have a varied and not predominant floral source. Therefore, their aroma and taste varies in each jar. Nevertheless, they are high-quality honeys from Spanish beekeepers. They are also available for sale in your shop in Las Rozas de Madrid.

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1. Our raw honey of a thousand flowers

Firstly, we show you the most important characteristics of honey of a thousand flowers, wildflowers or multiflowers:

a) Color

First of all, the raw wildflower honey vary in color and taste. This variation depends on its sources of flowers, shrubs and trees chosen by bees. The color of honey is lighter when it comes from flower nectar and darker when it comes from myelates of trees.

Furthermore, you can find the following color in the wildflower honeys.

Color de la miel multifloral

Photo 1: Colour range of raw wildflower honey.

b) Aroma

The aroma of this honey stands out for its powerful and forceful taste with floral notes. When savouring these types of honey, it produces sweet sensations with light acid or salty notes.

However, each honey will be different depending on the season.

Video 1: Forests and meadows of Spain

c) Not blended

Our honeys come from a unique beekeepers. Our beekeepers do not blend thir honey with other honeys.

d) Flowering and harvesting

Therefore, this honey comes from a veriety of nectar flowers, so it can be called polyfloral. For this reason, wilflowers honey is collected throughout all flowering period, from spring to autumn.

Our honey of a thousand flowers has nothing to do with honey from big supermarkets like Tesco, Wallmart, etc. Our honey is a real raw honey with delicious flavor and aroma. Honeys from local beekeepers who use sustainable beekeeping practices.

Video 2: Our thousand-flower honeys

e) Differences between wildflower and mountain honey

Thousand flower honey is harvested in June and July. Unlike the mountain honeys that are harvested in later months. Montain honeys can have very dark colors  but their taste, aroma and characteristics are very different.

Multi-flower honey comes mostly from flower nectars. Mountain honey, on the other hand, has a high mineral content because it comes mainly from the secretions of trees and shrubs.

Flores de Madrid

Photo 2: Wild flowers

The same colour in multi-flower honeys is due to the nectars and pollen of the flowers collected by bees. The chestnut and blackberry give very dark tones to the honeys.

Another characteristic that differentiates the thousand flower honeys from the mountain honeys is their electrical conductivity. The higher the electrical conductivity, the higher the mineral content and the less sweet. The mountain has an electrical conductivity always much higher than wildflower honey.

f) Types of mutifloral honeys

The variety of multi-flower honeys in Spain is very big due its great diversity of melliferous flowers in Spain. For this reason, spanish local beekeepers offer for sale a great variety of wildflower honeys, some of the with a very pale color and other with very dark color.

g) Destination population

Furthermore, the multy flower flowers is very popular and demanded. Although, you should not feed honey to infants under 1 year old without medical advise.

h) Preferred consumption

After two years, it should not exceed 40 mg/Kg MHF.

Flores de campo

Photo 3: Wildflowers ins Madrid

i) Ecological or conventional

In our shop we offer both organic and conventional thousand-flower honey. We can ensure that all our honey are real honey.

j) Sustainable a respectful beekeeping practices

Also. all the beekeepers care very much bees and use sustainable and respectful beekeeping practices.

k) Gift of nature

In addition, the bees and our land provides us honey of high-quality and the beekeepers care them.

2. Benefits and properties 

The honey of a thousand flowers is a natural product that bring benefits to our health. Benefits that have been taken advantage of hundreds of generations. These benefits are due to two fundamental reasons.

Firstly, honey has a high sugar content and enzymes. Secondly, it has many beneficial components from the nectar of the various flowers and myelates of the trees.

Margaritas silvestres

Photo 4: Daisies

Although these effects are not patented that brings us the honey. We can say the following following following references from researchers and popular culture:

a) Constipation and sore throat.

According to these sources, any type of quality honey helps against these discomforts.

b) Wound healing

Traditionally and in my experience, this honey helps the healing of wounds without leaving a mark.

c) Other properties

However, the honey of a thousand flowers not having a constant composition, we can not indicate specific characteristics. Since they are going to depend on the type of floras the contributions that us of this honey.

What is clear is that honey is a natural product. As a natural product, it will always be one of the healthiest sweeteners we have.

3. Pairing

Wildflower honey is ideal for just anything!.. Add just it to your tea or coffee and drizzled over toast. Also, it is a healthy substitute for syrup or sugar.

Café con miel de madroñoInfusiones con miel

Toast, infusions and with coffee.

The great chefs usually use wildflowers honey to combine with cured cheeses, fruits such as bananas and as an ingredient in the preparation of ice cream.

In short, a honey as good as the rest and ideal for all uses as a sugar substitute.

4. Indications

Honey of a thousand flowers usually crystallizes quickly, but this depends mainly on its floral sources and amount of minerals. If the honey is darker, it will crystallize slowly and pale honey cristalizes quickly.

5. Origin

We have visited all our beekeepers in order to ensure the quality of our selected honey. Of all the beekeepers produce only multy-flowers honey of high-quality. Also, they are involved in all steps from harvesting to bottling.

Antonio Simón Madrid Organic
Apícola Moreno Guadalajara No organic
Las Obreras de Aliste Zamora No organic
Rancho Cortesano Cádiz Organic and no organic
Valderromero La Alcarria Denomination of origin

Table 1: Our local beekeepers from Spain.

Next we show you a video of the apiary of the Obreras de Aliste

Video 3: Zamora’s field

6. FAQ

In addition, we show you frequently asked questions:

a) Why is the honey of a thousand flowers the cheapest?

Many people have also asked me this question, suspecting that this honey could be of lower quality than the rest. However, this honey is of the same quality. The reasons why these honeys are sold at a lower price are the following:

  • More common honey and greater supply: As the honey is produced more and the most common, its price is lower.
  • Lower margins: It is also true that as there is more demand, we lower the price of it, and as a result its price is considerably lower than the rest.

Finally, we want to show you also some more specific information about the honeys we sell. For this reason, we are going to indicate the chemical analyses of the honeys we sell.

flores rojas de la malva real

Photo 5: Flowers

b) Is it worse or better honey than others?

Sometimes it is believed, that because it is a cheaper honey, it is of worse quality. However, this is not so, wildflowers honey has a great qaulity as any other monofloral honey.

c) Is thousand-flower honey the same as bee honey?

There are several names for bee honey. Thousand-flower honey would be a variety of honey. A thousand-flower man that it is sourced from many flowers.

d) Why are there jars with different colours?

The honey we sell is pure and without any kind of manipulation. Furthermore, depending on the year and season of each beehive, each honey is different, so each jar will have a different colour and taste.

e) What is its composition?

Below we show you a chemical analysis of 2019 of the wild flowers honey from Antonio Simon. We will be updating the data sheets every year.

f) What is the texture of these multi-flower honeys?

The texture of each multi-flower honey is different. In my experience, those from Rancho Cortesano have a very pleasant texture. The rest are sometimes liquid or sometimes solid, but without a creamy texture.

f) Is it pure bee honey?

Honey should refer only to the product made by bees from the nectar flowers or mielatos. However, many other qualifiers are added to differentiate it from manipulated honeys and other substitutes. Therefore, we could call this honey pure bee honey.

In short, all we offer onlye raw or pure honey of the highest quality.

g) Does thousand-blossom honey expire?

All honeys, as well as multi-flower honeys, do not expire, but rather have a date of consumption that comes from. The best-before date is the date from which the honey may lose some of its properties. However, honeys have been found in the pyramids of Egypt that are thousands of years old and were in perfect condition. Therefore, if the honey is well preserved, nothing happens to it that has exceeded its best-before date.

Photo 6: Operculated honeycomb

h) Is it worth paying a little more for an artisan honey or is it the same as buying it from Amazon, Mercadona, el Corte Inglés or Carrefour?

We assure you that the honey we sell is Spanish honey of the highest quality. We have visited all our beekeepers to be sure that they provide us with quality honey without any additives or pasteurization.

i) Differences between multi-flower and single-flower honey

Single-flower honey comes mainly from one type of flower, while multy-flower honey comes from numerous floral sources.

j) Do you sell it in bulk?

We can supply it in 5 kg plastic jars.

7. More information

We also leave you the limit parameters of wildflowers honey.

Datos químicos y físicos
Color (mm Pfund) Between 35 and 114
Humidity (%) Maximum 18.5
Fructose + glucose Minimum 60
Sucrose Maximum 5
Electrical conductivity (mS/cm) Minimum 0.8
Free acidity (meq/kg) Maximum 50
HMF (mg/Kg = ppm) Maximum 40
Diastasases (Schade Units) Minimum 8 or 3 is MF less than 15 ppm

Table 1: Information about multiflower honey

In short, Spanish honeys that are cheaper but of the same quality as any other. Therefore, honeys for people who are looking for the best value for money.

“Finally, if you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Consequently, we will be happy to help you”.