The rosemary honey is a natural product that honeybees produce in their stomachs with the nectar of rosemary flowers. One of the most demanded and sold honeys for its delicious taste and properties!

A finest selections of regional rosemary honeys harvested across Spain.


  1. Our raw rosemary honey
  2. Benefits and properties
  3. Uses
  4. Recommendations
  5. Indications
  6. Origin
  7. Frequently asked questions

Summary: Rosemary honey is a mild and delicious tasting honey with many beneficial properties. Also, it is a very typical honey from Spain. Furthermore, we offer this selection here in our shop in Las Rozas de Madrid.

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1. The raw Rosemary honey

Firstly, we show you the most important characteristics of raw rosemary honey:

a) Color

Rosemary honey has a very light color and when it is crystallized it can take white color.

b) Flavour

Its aroma is not very intense and of medium persistence, more camphorated the more rosemary it has, together with floral tones. When tasting it, an intensity of aromas can be appreciated, which apart from its sweet taste, it does not have other significants  taste contributions. Likewise, this honey can have some bitterness if it contains some almond.

In addition, you can see in this video a beautiful rosemary flowers.

Video 1: Rosemary flowers

c) Rosemary plant

Likewise, rosemary is a small shrub typical of the Mediterranean climate, which grows on the slopes and low hills of the Mediterranean basin. Furthermore, it is usually accompanied by holm oaks and bushes following its destruction, such as rockroses.

In Spain it can be found in all territories with a Mediterranean climate up to 1500 meters of altitude.

d) Flowering

Rosemary flowers almost all year round. Although the great flowering begins in early spring. Therefore, Rosemary honey is harvested at the end of April until the beginning of summer. Consequently, the harvest will be more or less continuous, depending on the rainfall of eachyear.

Below is also a video about rosemary honey from Apícola Moreno.

Video 2: Our rosemary honeys

e) Crystallization

Honey may become crystallized over time with a fine grain. Quickly if it has a lot of almond pollen or slowly if it is rich in radish. Therefore, in autumn and winter it is normal to find it crystallized.

f) No blended

Furthermore, all our honeys are obtained by a local beekeeper and they are not blended with other honeys.

g) Target population

You should not feed honey to children under 2 years old. For more information, consult your doctor.

h) Ecological or conventional

Furthermore, we offer rosemary organic or conventional honey.

i) The legend

The legend of rosemary found in Pliny’s medieval manuscript. Here it tells us the relationship between this flower and the name “dew of the sea”. It is said that the blue colour of the rosemary flower is due to the waves of the Mediterranean Sea, although these waves washed the rosemary plants and gave the flower its blue colour. This is why the word rosemary comes from a Latin word meaning “dew of the sea”.

j) Committed to the environment

In addition, all the honeys you will find in this section come from beekeepers, who follow sustainable and responsible beekeeping practices. Also, they produce only high-quality honey.

j) A sustainable practice

Additionally, our beekeepers follow sustainable practices and they never harm bees in the process of honey production.

“One of the best known and most demanded honeys with fine and exquisite notes.”

2. Benefits and properties

Rosemary honey is a natural product that provides many health benefits. Its healthy properties come from its general composition and from the rosemary flower nectar and pollen. Also, folk wisdom, individual researchers and the experience of generations have demonstrated well-known uses for honey. Uses that we are going to see next:

  1. Sore throats and other respiratory ailments: Rosemary honey, like all honeys, helps to cure sore throats and other respiratory ailments.
  2. Digestion: According to the experience of many beekeepers, such honey helps digestion.
  3. Rich in lithium: Lithium is a mineral widely used in medicines. It helps to treat mental illness and improves memory. Although, from my point of view, the best method for memory is memory training.

However, all of these properties are not certified by a state agency or the pharmaceutical industry.

What is certain is that honey provides more beneficial components than glucose and fructose. Since in it we find vitamins, enzymes and other components. Therefore, much more healthy than sugar.

Thyme plant

Photo 1: Rosemary plant

  • Rosemary honey for the throat:

This honey is very good to help to cure sore throats. For it we recommend to mix in a cup of warm water with a spoonful of rosemary raw honey  and a juice of half a lemon. If you wish, you can also dispense with water, and make the mixture between lemon and honey directly.

3. Uses

The traditional uses of this honey are as follows:

a) Rosemary honey for the throat:

We recommend mixing a spoonful of rosemary honey and the juice of half a lemon in a glass of warm water. If you wish, you can also dispense with the water, and make the mixture directly between the lemon and the honey.

Another way to make use of the properties of rosemary honey is to heat animal milk and add a few spoonfuls of honey. It is recommended that you drink it before going to bed, it will greatly relieve your irritated throat.

b) For the skin

Rosemary honey can be used on wounds and dehydrated areas. This honey can also be used to make fantastic natural cosmetic creams.

c) For the face

For people who have acne, pouring rosemary honey on can help clear up acne because of its anti-inflammatory effect.

d) Contraindications

Although rosemary honey has hardly any contraindications, it is true that people who are allergic to rosemary pollen should be careful, as this honey does contain this variety of pollen.

“It will add a delicious accent to an infinite number of desserts”.

4. Recommendations 

This honey is ideal for making sweets, to spread on bread toasts and sweetening infusions and

Infusiones con mielRepostería

Alsol, we also we give you the following advice:

  • Ideal for those who are looking for a soft and aromatic taste in their dishes and sweets. It also goes well with all kinds of cold and hot drinks.
  • Great chefs recommend this variety of honey for pairing with grilled meats, tarts and fruit desserts.
  • Finally, there are many recipes for making natural ice cream. Rosemary honey and orange blossom honey are the most suitable for preparing these refreshing desserts.

Therefore, a natural product with many uses in the kitchen.

colmenas de brihuega

Photo 2: Photos of the Brihuega beehive

a) Traditional recipes with rosemary honey

We have the following typical recipes with rosemary honey:

Honey and rosemary sauce
This is made with extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, rosemary honey and sesame seeds.

5. Indications 

Rosemary honey may slightly increase the tension. People with hypertension should not abuse it. In addition, raw Rosemary honey is one of the fastest to crystallize. For this reason, it is normal that you find it crystallized or in an advanced process of crystallization.

If, on the other hand, you want it to be in a liquid state. You should put it in a water bath and keep it in a warm place. Finally, you should keep it in a dry place, so that the honey does not get wet, which could spoil it, because it could ferment.

6. Origin

We work with the following local beekeepers from Spain:

Antonio Simón Madrid Organic
Apícola Moreno Guadalajara No organic
Valderromero Guadalajara No Organic
Rancho Cortesano Cádiz Organic and no organic

Table 1: Our beekeepers from Spain

With the exception of the honey with Denomination of Origin of the Alcarria, we can not assure the origin of the honey, it can only be done by Denomination of Origin. Consequently, we only indicate the location of our beekeeper

Furthermore. all our beekeepers are involved in all steps from harvesting to bottling the honey. Therefore, we can be sure that they offer us  real honey, without any type of adulteration.

Finally, if you are a beekeeper and have a high-quality honey, you can contact us and we will consider adding it to our shop.

Other origins

Honey of rosemary is in great demand both in Spain and in Europe. Therefore, you can find it in many supermarkets: Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda, Waitrose, M&S, Holland and Barret.

rosemary flower

Photo 3: Rosemary flower

7. FAQ

In addition, these are frequently asked questions:

  • How long do honey take to re-liquify honey?

Place your honey in a big pot with hot water until it becomes completely liquid. It could take about one hour.

  • Which honeys have as many properties as rosemary?

Also, eucalyptus, chestnut, thyme and lavender honeys are very beneficial to health.

  • What other honeys have a mild flavour like rosemary?

Other mild honeys would also be orange blossom, coriander and lavender.

  • What is the difference between your honey and that of mercadona, carrefour and el Corte Inglés?

What we guarantee is that our honey comes from small local beekeepers who are committed to quality. we offer a great range of raw honeys.

  • Do you sell white rosemary honey?

Rosemary honey together with orange blossom and lemon honey usually take on very white colours, but this varies every year.

  • Do you have rosemary honey from La Alcarria?

The honey of rosemary from La Alcarria that we have is produced by Valderomero beekeeper.



Healthy with honey:

“Finally, we hope you enjoy our finest selection as we do”.