Orange blossom honey comes from the flowers of the orange and lemon trees, fruit trees found in warm and soft areas. In Spain, the large plantations of these fruit trees are found in the coastal areas of the Mediterranean coast: Valencia, Murcia and Andalusia. Areas with a warm and mild climate.

Our raw orange blossom honey

Orange blossom honey is clear and lighter the more nectar it has, the more lemon blossom it has, reaching even a pure white. Darker colours may be due to contamination of some type of myelates, myelates come from the sap of trees and are rich in minerals, the latter always confer a darker colour to honey. Also, a honey is never 100 percent monoflower, as it is each bee who decides which flower or tree to visit.

The aroma of this honey is very characteristic and unique, due to the presence of an aromatic substance called methyl anthranilate, a very characteristic taste that when tasted reminds the taste of orange blossom.

Its intensity and persistence vary according to the proportion of orange and lemon blossoms and the growing area. The sensation in the mouth that it produces is very different from the rest of the light honeys, due to its recognizable acidity, round and marked.

Benefits and properties of orange blossom honey

Orange blossom honey, like any other honey, has some common characteristics: anti-cancer, antioxidant, bactericidal and disinfectant. Its bactericidal and disinfectant properties make it ideal for treating sore throats, cold sores and wounds.

Clear honeys like orange blossom honey are richer in antioxidants, antioxidants from nectar and pollen from flowers, which will protect us against heart disease and degenerative diseases such as different types of cancer.

This honey has traditionally been used for its sedative and relaxing effects, helping you to fall asleep. It is also used as an antispasmodic.

Honey recommendations

Raw orange blossom honey is ideal for sweetening any dish or dessert, whenever we want to give it a more neutral and sweet taste.

The great cooks use this honey to give a special touch to salted and marinated fish or meat.

Indications for orange blossom honey

Our orange blossom honey has not been pasteurized or handled. One of the most common manipulations is its pasteurization, a process that is carried out so that the honey never solidifies. For this reason, our honey can be found in a solid state or in the process of crystallization. This process is accelerated to temperatures close to 14 ºC, because of this, in summer it is more common to find it solid and in liquid summer.

Origin of this honey

Our orange blossom honey is obtained from several beekeepers, one of them from the Valencian region and the other from Cadiz.