Eucalyptus honey is a natural product made by honeybees in their stomachs from honeydew on Eucalyptus tree. A very demanded honey because of its great health properties.

The finest selection of regional eucalyptus honeys harvested across Spain.


  1. Our raw Eucalyptus honey
  2. Benefits and properties
  3. Recommendations
  4. Indications
  5. Origin
  6. History
  7. Frequently questions

Summary: Eucalyptus honey is a delicious honey with a unique taste and brings us a lot of benefits. Furthermore, it is also available in our shop in Las Rozas and all the honey we sell comes from local Spanish beekeepers.

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1. Our raw eucalyptus honey

Firstly, we show you the most important characteristics of this raw eucalyptus honey:

a) Color

Raw Eucalyptus honey has a dark amber colour with greenish tones. If it contains contributions from other plants, such as heather and broom, this honey takes darker colors. In addition, it takes on a brown earth colour when it crystallises.

b) Aroma

Its aroma is very characteristic, very intense and persistent.  When tasted, it reminds us of the taste of wet wood. Likewise, its taste is sweet, with slight acidic and sometimes salty notes if it contains some broom or heather pollen.

Furthermore, here you can see a video of different eukalyptus trees.

Video 1: Eucalyptus tree

c) Crystallization

This honey has a medium tendency to crystallize, and when it does, its crystalizes in fine grains.

d) No blended

Our honey comes from local beekeepers. Additionally, our beekeepers do not blen their honey with other honeys.

e) Eucalyptus tree

Eucalyptus is a tall tree, originally from Australia. It was exported to America and Europe at the end of the last century. One of them was Spain also. At present, we can find them also in large extensions of the northwest and southwest of Spain.

f) Flowering and harvesting

Eucalyptus flowers from September to March in the northern hemisphere. Therefore, the honeys obtained from this tree are harvested in early fall. In the south of Spain, if the year has had a mild winter, we can find eucalyptus blooms in this season.

Hojas del eucalipto

Photo 1: Eucalyptus tree leaves

g) Pollen

The majority pollen of this honey belongs to the species Eucalyptus camaldulensis, E. globulus and E. sp. However, we can also find pollen from other species, such as: fabaceae, asteraceae, cistáceas and chupamieles. Cistáceas are very rare.

h) Useful life

After two years of the harvest, honey can lose some property

i) Destination population

At the same time, this honey is recommended for everyone. Except for children under the age of 2, we recommend a medical advise.

j) Ecological or conventional

Furthermore, we offer eucalyptus honey from both organic and conventional beekeeping. In the organic honey we control each years its certificates, to make sure it is a real organic honey.

k) Committed to the environment and rural development

In addition, all our beekeepers who supply us with eukalyptus honey use sustainable and respectful beekeeping practices.

l) Gift of nature

Honey is a natural product the bees and the land provide us as a gift.

Selección de las mejores mieles de España

Photo 2: Gift box with 8 honeys

2. Benefits and properties 

Firstly, this honey is one of the most demanded honeys on the market. Since it is one of the most bactericidal honeys, because a component from the nectar of Eucalyptus, eucalyptol, enhances its bactericidal and antiseptic power. Therefore, this honey has magnificent properties to help to cure sore throat.

This honey has been also used since ancient times to treat respiratory tree infections, sore throats and constipation. Furthermore, it is also magnificent in wound healing, and leaves no mark of the wound.

a) Honey of Eucalyptus with milk

Milk honey is a remedy against colds and flu that has been used for dozens of generations. Also, within the honeys to fight the cold, the most appropriate is the eucalyptus honey.

b) Honey in pregnancy

Honey consumption in pregnancy is very positive for the following reasons:

  • Honey contains folic acid, a compound that stimulates the formation of red blood cells in both the woman and the fetus.
  • It also contains ascorbic acid, magnesium, copper and zinc, a compound that promotes the formation of antibodies.
  • This provides a great amount of energy, very necessary for both.

So, it’s a fantastic mile for pregnant women.

c) Contraindications:

Taking the honey in normal quantities, without abusing it, does not have any contraindication. However, it should not be taken by children under the age of two, in case they have a bacterial colony. Although the possibility that this will arise is almost zero.

3. Recommendations

Our Eucalyptus honey is a honey with a marked flavour, ideal for people who like a more powerful taste. It is also ideal for preparing both hot and cold drinks. Consequently, it is delicious on toasts, biscuits, tea, coffee and infusions.

Infusiones con miel

Also, great chefs recommend Eucalyptus honey for pairing vegetable salads, reduced sauces and big game dishes.

We also give you other recommendations to get the most out of this honey

a) Eucalyptus honey with milk

Eucalyptus honey is an ancient remedy used to cure sore throats. The ancient remedy recommends to heat milk and pouring in a spoonful of eucalyptus honey. Very recommendable before going to bed.

4. Indications

The crystallization of this honey is very slow, and when crystallizing forms thick crystals. If you want it to be liquid, the best way is to put our honey in a pot with a hot water until it becomes completely liquid. To keep it liquid, it is necessary to leave it somewhere not very cool, because temperatures near 14 ºC accelerate its crystallization.

5. Origin

Also, they are the beekeeper who we work with.



Antonio Simón
  • Madrid
  • Organic
Apícola Moreno
  • Brihuega, Guadalajara
  • No organic
Rancho Cortesano
  • Cádiz
  • Organic and no organic

Table 1: Our beekeepers who supply us with this honey.

Finally, we must emphasize thatour local beekeepers are inviolved drom harvesting to bottling the honey. Consequently, they control the whole process and offer only high-quality honey. Actually, we do not sell australian eucalyptus honey.

a) Other origins

The eucalyptus comes from Australia and has been planted in many European countries. For this reason, australian eucalyptus honey is very demande. Therefore, in Europe you can but this honey in many places.

In addition, it is a very demanded honey. So it is easy to get it from the majority of supermarkets in the United Kingdom. Supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda, Waitrose, M&S, Holland and Barret.

6. History

Their history is very brief in Spain and Europe, which begins in 1792, when they began to be planted. These tress were exported to so many countries in the world.

7. FAQ

In addition, these are the most asked questions:

  • Is it good for colds?

Eucalyptus honey is a very demanded honey, especially during the cold season. It does also help against colds.

  • Does it have a very strong flavor?

This is a honey with a characteristic flavor, which many people love. If it has a great aroma.

  • Also, can I use other honeys for colds?

People also usually take thyme and lavender because they also have similar properties to eucalyptus honey.

  • Is our eucalyptus honey the same as the honey from the supermarkets like carrefour?

We only offer high-quality raw eucalyptus honey. A honey that comes directly from the hive without adulteration.



“Finally, we hope you enjoy our finest selection as we do”.