The Casas de Hualdo oil mill was founded by Francisco Riberas in 1986. This oil mill located it in El Carpio de Tajo in Toledo (province of central Spain) and gradually expanded its olive grove.

The Carpio de Tajo is located in a natural enclave of incalculable value for its rich fauna and flora. On the banks of the Tagus River, where wildlife is in perfect balance with agriculture, which is why Casas de Hualdo’s priority is sustainability with the natural environment.

Casas de Hualdo uses the means given to it by nature to control and care for the olive trees. Examples of this are its flocks of sheep of the Manchegan breed to control the grass of the olive groves and provide natural fertilizer for their olive groves. The remains of the pruning are crushed as a contribution of organic matter and the irrigation takes water from the river, but with the most advanced systems for greater efficiency.