Where to buy extra virgin olive oil?

Cooperativa de San Benito en Porcuna

Spain is the world’s biggest producer of extra virgin olive oil. Also, the olive oil as a main product of the mediterranean diet, that can be found in any food shop. However, for lovers of good extra virgin olive oil, they usually ask themselves questions like: Where to buy olive oil with the highest quality in Spain? All the oilve oil is the same? Which variety ist the best for me? Which variety I have to use? Questions that start to come out when you discover the real olive oils. At this momento, you will see the olive oil as a culinary culture to enjoy. With this aim in mind, shops specialising in olive oil have sprung up, shops such as El Cortijuelo de San Benito in Las Rozas de Madrid. Shops where they tell you the origin, year of production and much more information to get more out of this healthy product.

Index of the article:

  1. Where to find the best quality and price?
  2. Buy olive oil in Las Rozas and Majadahonda
  3. Why buy olive oil from cooperatives? Where can I buy cheap olive oil?
  4. Olive oil at home
  5. Some tips when buying online

Summary: Practical advices for buying top quality extra virgin olive oils at the best price. Also, very interesting information where to buy extra virgin olive oil. Likewise, in our shop in Las Rozas de Madrid you can buy the best olive oil from Spain. Consequently, we have an excellent selection of oils from the best oil mills and cooperatives in Spain and from the most privileged areas of production: Baena, Sierra de CazorlaPriego de Córdoba ….

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1. Where do you buy cheap olive oil? Why buy olive oil from cooperatives or oil mills?

Firstly, it is easy to think also that buying directly from producers you will get the best price. However, this is not always the case. We will analyse each of posibilities of your shopping and which should be the best for you.

Extra virgin olive oil is available in a large number of mills, including oil mills, cooperatives, supermarkets, specialist shops, online shops, etc. However, the questions we can ask ourselves are: where is the best place to buy a good olive oil? where to buy the best quality-price? where to find the best price?

Video 1: Olive oils from Jaén

Large shops and supermarkets are the most common places to buy this product. Supermarkets such as El Corte Ingles, Mercadona, Carrefour, Día, Alcampo, etc. can be found in all cities and towns of a certain size. However, in the last few years other possibilities have emerged, which are the shops specialized in olive oil and the sale on the Internet. Also, without forgetting the olive oil mills and cooperatives, which would be the points of origin.

Therefore, we are going to analyse the advantages and disadvantages of each place.

Oil mills/cooperatives
  • No intermediaries
  • Oil of the year
  • Knowing the origin
  • Discomfort
  • Timetables
  • Transport home
  • Good choice
  • Easy to get
  • Extensive opening hours
  • Price
  • Few brands
  • Little information
  • Low quality
  • No the best
Specialised shops
  • Price
  • Very good quality
  • Advice
  • Best choice
Gourmet shops
  • Good quality
  • No middlemen
  • Good choice
Online shops
  • Facility
  • Good choice

Table 3: Characteristics of places where you can buy olive oil.

a) Supermarkets

As far as the low price is concerned, in large supermarkets it is normal that they have very tight prices. However, the quality of these olive oils are very low. If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

Also, supermarkets are the most common option, but not the best. They have many advantages, but for those who are looking for something special and quality, supermarkets are not the best option.

Tienda especializada en miel

Photo 1: Our shop in Las Rozas de Madrid

b) In mills or cooperatives

Secondly, one can quickly conclude that by always buying in mills or cooperatives, we will achieve the best price, but this is not always the case. If we go to the same point of production, the price will get the best, but it depends on the company’s policy. Also, you have to transport it to your home, and it has costs as well.  However, it is true, here if you go to a good oil mill or cooperative, the quality must always be excellent.

On the other hand, there are price variations throughout the year, which can make the price of oil higher at source but you will have a very good quality.

c) Specialised shops

Also, other place to buy olive oil is a specialized shops, like our shop in Las Rozas de Madrid. Here, we always offer extra virgin olive oil of hiugh quality with very reasonable prices. Probably, here is the place where you can find the best quality and price.

We work with several oil mills and cooperatives that produce top quality oils, and we try to anticipate price variations to get a excellent extra virgin olive oil at the best price. In addition, we belong to a cooperative in Jaen, the San Benito cooperative. The oil from this cooperative is always sold at the best price and without intermediaries. This oil is our star product of all olive oil we sell.

However, why should we focus so much on price? Is olive oil a very healthy and delicious product that we use every day? Therefore, the important thing is to find a good relationship between quality and price, and here we are going to give you some advice so that you can achieve this.

d) Gourmet shop

In the gourmet shops it is another option to find quality extra virgin olive oils. Although here in many cases they only offer us select oils in bottles or cans of small quantity. It is not always possible to find a good olive oil in 5 litre containers in these shops. However, the most common will be to have some premium extra virgin olive oils.

e) Online shops

Online shops are another option that is becoming increasingly popular. A very comfortable option and if you find the right businesses, you can buy high quality oils at a very good price. In addition, they take you home or leave you at a collection point.

In summary, we have the following options to buy olive oil:


Specialised shop

Gourmet shop
Oil mill
Online shops
supermercado tienda especializada tienda especializada Almazara de aceite tienda online de aceite
Good choice The best choice Good choice Low quality More comfortable

Table 1: Summary of the different shops to buy olive oil extra virgin 

2. Buy oil in Las Rozas, Majadahonda and Torrelodones

If you live in Las Rozas or Maajadahonda, ordering oil is easier than ever. Just call us or order through this website and we will bring it to you rapidly. Your order will arrive in a few hours. So don’t wait any longer and enjoy the best olive oil on the market.

You can also call us by phone and the payment methods we have at your disposal are the following:

Web page
dinero en efectivo tienda online de aceite pago con pay pal pago p

Table 2: Different payment options in our shop.

* Indicate what is collected in shop

** Call for account number

As we carry it, you are 100% assured that it will reach you in the best conditions.

In Las Rozas we do not have a minimum order. Whatever you ask for, we will take it to you with a fast delivery.

Selección de los mejores aceites de oliva

Photo 2: Gift box of the best extra virgin olive oils

a) Pozuelo, Villanueva del Pardillo, Boadilla del Monte and Villafranca del Castillo

In the case of Pozuelo, Villanueva del Pardillo, Boadilla del Monte and Villafranca del Castillo, from 50 euros we can deliver your order if you deliver within 24 or 48 hours

3. Olive oil at home

Any news that you read from any newspaper, any interview that talks about trade in the future will talk about online stores. This is why almost all sales channels now have an online store where you can buy olive oil.

The advantages and disadvantages of this shops are the fallowing:

  1. Convenience: Having your order delivered to your home is very convenient, even more so when we have less and less time.
  2. Low price: The competition is much hard, as anyone can sell olive oil on the Internet. Therefore, there is more supply, and the price is lower.
  3. Limitation of human contact: Shopping on the internet is much colder, so human contact is lost and we tend to get isolated.
    No contact with the products: Seeing and touching the products is something we like. Selling on the internet does not allow this.

As we can see, selling olive oil at home has its advantages and disadvantages, but it seems that it is going to prevail.

a) Extra virgin olive oil at a good price

Also, in our shop in El Cortijuelo we always guarantee the best extra virgin olive oil with a great price. Everything we offer is of the highest quality. If, for any reason, the oil has deteriorated in quality, we will let you know. Reasons for this may be that it is close to the date of preferential consumption.

b) Sale of olive oil online

The sale of olive oil, like other products, is gaining ground on the Internet because of its convenience, ease of price comparison and great competition. About the prices, if you study them you will often see a great range between them even within the same product. The cost of maintaining the web page and of advertising means that many of those in the first position have to pay, and more so if they pay with google adwords.

Aceite de oliva virgen extra picual ecológico 5 l de Verde Salud 5 l

Photo 4: Organic extra virgin olive oil from Jaén

c) Olive oil in restaurants and bars

Everyone who wants to defend good extra virgin olive oil should always demand that their restaurant or bar provides quality oil. Similarly, restaurants and bars should comply with current laws and always serve the oil in non-refillable bottles. We cannot allow these businesses to buy good oil and end up filling the bottles with much lower quality oils.

If you have a bar, we have 500ml plastic bottles available especially for bars.

d) Some shops where you can also buy

Apart from our shop in Las Rozas de Madrid and our online shop, there are also other shops where you can buy extra virgin olive oil. Shops that we have visited and analyzed, to improve our service and give the best quality price. Among the other shops, we can be found.

The 10 best known online shops, after ours

  • Amazon: This would be the world’s largest retailer that also sells extra virgin olive oil.
  • Casa del aceite: It has several physical shops, both in Jaén and Madrid. It also has an online shop.
  • Aceite del Campo: Company located in Valencia. This company only has a web page.
  • Oliva Oliva: Located in Madrid, and it has an online shop.
  • Corona de Olivo: Company located in Madrid, which has direct and online sales.
  • Jaenera Oil Company: Also located in Jaen, with a physical and online shop.
  • Origen Oliva: Only online shop
  • Oliva del Sur: They only have an online shop
  • Aceite Las Valdesas: It is a small oil mill that sells its own oil and is making a great effort on the internet. You can buy it online or pick it up at its oil mill in Cordoba.
  • Cinco olivas: Shop located in Palencia that also sells over the internet

botella de Cas

Photo 5: Olive oil from Castillo de Canena

4. Some tips when buying on the Internet

When buying on the Internet, it is good to look at a number of points, as these can save us some disguise:

  1. It is interesting to read the reviews and opinions, because if they criticise something or have had a problem, you can find out how they solve it. Similarly, if they give very very service, it is clear that you are buying in the right place.
  2. Write some questions in the form. If they answer you quickly, you know that the service is fast and efficient.
  3. Read the return policy and transport times, to calculate how long it would take.
  4. Check that the website is updated frequently and that it is secure.
  5. Make sure you are paying at a payment gateway of a known bank.
  6. It is also a good idea to call them for advice or to ask for expiry dates and year of production.

Therefore, buying on the internet has many advantages but we have to be careful if we want to make a good purchase.



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