The 5 best honeys in Spain

Mejores mieles crudas de España

The Spanish beekeeping industry moves around 62 million euros a year, being one of the European countries with the highest production of raw honey, pollen, royal jelly and wax. Spain stands out at the same time for its great variety of multi-flower honeys: albaida, almond, arrayan, orange blossom, forest, heather honey, chestnut, coriander, holm oak, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, medlar, oak, rosemary, thyme and some more. Here we are going to show you the best honeys produced in Spain according to our evaluation criteria.

The quality criteria that we have taken for this selection are its form of crystallization, its aroma,properties and its demand.

1. Rosemary honey, one of the best honeys of Spain

Rosemary honey is the best-selling Spanish single-flower honey. A soft and very pleasant honey that is ideal to sweeten any dish or dessert.

This raw rosemary honey is usually one of the first to crystallize. Once crystallized and if it does not have any traces of myelate honey it can take on a completely white colour.

bottle of rosemary honey of Apícola Moreno, one of the best honeys

Photo 1: Rosemary honey of the brand Apícola Moreno

2. Heather honey

Heather honey is another honey highly coveted for its health properties. It is highly coveted by people of an age who have or want to avoid prostate problems. Heather honey is another honey that stands out for being less sweet and its aroma of toasted malt. A delicious honey that everyone should have in their kitchen.

Bottle of heather honey of Apícola Moreno

Photo 2: Heather honey of the brand Apícola Moreno

3. Eucalyptus honey

Eucalyptus honey is much sought after for healing sore throats, opening up the nasal passages and constipations. All honeys are effective for this discomfort, but it is the eucalyptus meil that is most effective, because it combines the properties of honey with that of eucalyptus.

bottle of eucalyptus honey of Apícola Moreno

Photo 3. Eucalyptus honey of the brand Apícola Moreno

4. Thyme honey:

Thyme honey is placed first because of its enormous health benefits. Thyme honey is considered the healthiest honey of all and is highly sought after in North African countries.

Thyme honey also stands out for its powerful aroma and flavour. A honey for true lovers of this natural product.

Bottle of thyme honey of Apícola Moreno

Foto 4: Miel de tomillo de la marca Apícola Moreno

5. Lavender honey

Although lavender honey is not one of the most widely bought by the Spanish, it is one of the richest and healthiest honeys. We usually associate lavender honey with perfumes and for that reason people have become a little suspicious of it, but when you try it without knowing which flower it comes from, it is one of the most coveted.

Therefore, lavender honey is a honey with a powerful aroma characteristic of lavender. If we smell this honey, its fruity aroma reminds us of the lavender fields of Guadalajara. A honey that everyone should have at home.

Bottle of lavender honey of Apícola Moreno

Photo 5: Lavender honey from the brand Apícola Moreno

All these honeys together with many more, are available in our online store or our physical store in Las Rozas de Madrid.

In this article, the best honeys in Spain, we have selected these 5 honeys as the best, but we do not want to underestimate other honeys that are produced in Spain.

All the honeys that we sell in our online and physical shop, have passed a rigorous quality control, because we have visited the places of production, we know well the beekeepers, the places of production, their facilities and where they place their hives, assuring that they take them to areas where good agricultural practices are followed and that the bees do not feed on fields that have been fumigated.

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