Rosemary honey comes from the flowers of rosemary, a small shrub typical of the Mediterranean climate, which grows on hillsides and lowland hillsides, usually accompanied by holm oaks and bushes that survive its destruction, like rockrose.

Rosemary flowers almost all year round. Although the great flowering begins in early spring. This honey is harvested from late April to early summer, and the harvest will be more or less continuous, depending on the rainfall that year.

Our raw Rosemary honey

Our honey from Rosemary has a very light color, which when it crystallizes some years it takes on a white color. Its aroma is not very intense and of medium persistence, more camphoric the more rosemary it contains, together with floral tones. When tasting it you can appreciate an intensity of its aromas, which apart from its sweet taste, has no other taste contributions.

This honey crystallizes quickly with a fine granulate if it contains a lot of almond pollen or thick if it is rich in radish.

Video of rosemary flowers

Benefits and properties

This honey, another of the most sought-after honey on the market for its taste and health benefits. To its typical properties of a clear honey; antiseptic, bactericidal, healing and rich in antioxidants, other specific properties are added due to its origin.

The honey from Rosemary is commonly used as a liver stimulant that helps decongest the liver. Ideal also for people with digestive and vesicular insufficiencies, stomach ulcers and dysmorrhea.

This honey is an important source of calcium, iron, boron and copper, trace elements essential for the proper functioning of the body.


This honey is ideal for those who are looking for a mild and aromatic taste in their dishes and sweets.

Great cooks recommend this variety of honey for pairing grilled meats, tartares and desserts with fruit.


This honey may slightly increase the tension. People with hypertension should not abuse it.

Raw Rosemary honey is one of the fastest to crystallize, so it is most likely to be crystallized or in an advanced crystallization process. If you want to make it liquid, put it in a bain-marie and keep it in a warm place.

Origin of this honey

Our raw honey from rosemary comes from three beekeepers; two of them are in Guadalajara, one of them works with the Denomination of Origin of La Alcarria, located in the town of Sigüenza, and the other one in Brihuega. Our third beekeeper is located in the province of Cadiz.