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If we are concerned about the health of our skin, having it young and without wrinkles, natural cosmetics is the most effective and best option. A cosmetic that in the short term may have minor results, but in the long term, is the most effective.

If you are looking for a quality natural cosmetics, you have found the best house, El Cortijuelo de San Benito in Las Rozas de Madrid or in our online store, where you can buy the best natural beauty products: creams, gels, shampoos, anti-hair loss products, soaps, lip protectors …, all based on organic olive oil, raw honey, royal jelly and propolis.

In our blog you will also find fantastic recipes to elaborate your creams. Visit our article: Fantastic ingredients for cosmetics 

Why use natural cosmetics?

The natural cosmetics is a fantastic cosmetics that we can buy in specialized houses like ours or that we can elaborate by ourselves at home. Let’s look at its advantages and disadvantages. You can also read Homemade Natural Cosmetics

Advantages of natural cosmetics:

Natural cosmetics, especially the ones you make yourself, do not contain any chemical preservatives and if you have preservatives, they are more natural. The natural preservatives used in natural cosmetics are usually vegetable oils and citric acid from the lemon.

These natural ingredients used in natural cosmetics come from plants, are more respectful to the skin, being a good alternative for people suffering from skin problems, allergies and intolerances.

Being made with plant extracts, natural cosmetics contain more nutrients and antioxidants, and have no toxic chemical substance.

Since natural cosmetics are less aggressive and more gentle on the skin, they are more effective in the long term because they do not alter its natural structure.

Natural cosmetics are cheaper, especially if you make them yourself, as they are usually made with natural products from the area. As it is made with local products, it also favours trade and local development.

Natural cosmetics, being made with natural products, do not produce chemical waste and are more respectful of the environment.

Disadvantages of natural cosmetics:

Natural cosmetics when compared to more industrial and conventional cosmetics have a series of drawbacks that we see below.

Since natural cosmetics do not use chemical preservatives, which are more effective against moulds, microorganisms and bacteria, they have shorter expiration dates. Therefore its active principles and its efficacy can be lost more quickly during storage.

Natural cosmetics are less effective than industrial cosmetics, as the active ingredients are not purified.  In other words, industrial cosmetics cause more noticeable and rapid changes in appearance in the short term.

Photo 1: Bee venom face creams

Best natural cosmetics brands

The cosmetics and natural cosmetics market is a market that moves millions of euros every year. In addition, we increasingly strive in our image.

Among the multitude of natural cosmetics brands, we have done a great deal of research, visiting laboratories, their raw materials and the efficacy of the resulting products. Among dozens of them, we have selected the following brands of natural cosmetics.

Peñalver Castle

The natural cosmetics company of Castillo de Peñalver manufactures cosmetic products using mainly olive oil, organic olive oil, pure honey, royal jelly, wax, snake venom and aloe vera.

This house has a wide variety of cosmetic products, soaps, shampoos, balo gels, face creams, anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle, regenerative, lip protectors, hand and nail creams, body milk …

Olive cosmetics

The Olive Cosmetics company uses extra virgin olive oil as a fundamental component and offers soaps, shampoos and has recently developed an anti-ageing cream without parabens.

Hair Concept:

The cosmetics company Hair Concept produces a high quality and natural anti-hair loss shampoo and hair strengthener.

Organic natural cosmetics

Organic products are setting new trends, and the natural cosmetics sector is not lagging behind. We are increasingly aware of the dangers of chemicals, insecticides, pesticides, hormones … that can carry food, and cosmetics that is absorbed by our skin cells, for more reason, must be completely free of these products.

The natural cosmetics you can elaborate it ecological you can elaborate it yourselves with natural ecological products. If you don’t have the time, or you prefer more elaborated recipes, we offer you several anti-aging creams and eye contour with organic olive oil of the brand Castillo de Peñalver.

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