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Comprar cosmética natural, esta fantástica crema de manos

Deterioration of the skin and hair are the external signs where the aging of a person is most noticeable. Taking care of our diet, exercising, stress, avoiding tobacco and alcohol and using quality cosmetics are essential to maintain perfect skin throughout many years of our lives. About cosmetics, using and buying natural cosmetics is the best option for our skin.


  1. Where to buy cosmetics online in Spain?
  2. Worthy online cosmetics
  3. Where to buy cosmetics in Germany, Portugal…

Summary: In our Las Rozas shop in Madrid and online shop we have strived to find honest and serious natural cosmetics producers. Small industries that elaborate natural cosmetics with quality, natural and ecological ingredients. The brands we work with are: Castillo de Peñalver, Cosmética Olivo and Hair Concepty these offer us all the cosmetic products that our skin and hair need: bath gels, soaps, shampoos, anti-hair loss shampoos, lip protectors, anti-ageing creams, anti-wrinkles, regenerators, hand creams, etc.

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1. Where to buy cosmetics online in Spain?

The natural cosmetics market is a very mature and competitive market. There are hundreds of companies that offer a large number of natural cosmetics products that can be found in both physical and online shops.

The natural cosmetics sold use a large quantity of natural ingredients; extra virgin olive oil, calendula oil, snake venom, caviar, etc. As a general rule, natural cosmetics companies are local or regional companies, taking advantage of a product characteristic of their geographical area.

We as companions to the best selection of extra virgin olive oils and raw honey from Spain, we bring a wide variety of cosmetic products based on honey, royal jelly, propolis and olive oil.

a) Natural cosmetics with honey

Honey has a high concentration of sugars and enzymes, giving this natural product bactericidal and healing properties. In addition, honey contains large quantities of minerals, amino acids and trace elements such as zinc, all of which are essential for strengthening skin health.

One of the vitamins contained in honey are vitamin C, E and nicotinamides. All of them are effective antioxidants, very useful for delaying the signs of skin aging, as they fight against free radicals. Free radicals are components responsible for the ageing of our body and therefore of the skin.

We must also add that honey has a slight acid pH, similar to the pH of the skin, strengthening the structure and balance of the skin.

According to dermatologist Stefan Duve of Munich, in Germany, honey works very well in healing skin inflammations, atopic dermatitis, irritations and spurs, due to the bactericidal power of honey.

Along with honey, bees provide us with royal jelly, which is also highly valued in the manufacture of natural cosmetics, because of all the great benefits it brings to the skin.

The royal jelly is a compound produced by the same worker bees, elaborated to feed the queen. The queen bee has the same genetics as her sisters, the workers, but it is the royal jelly that makes her stronger, bigger, able to live more than 5 years and can lay millions of eggs.

2. Worthy online cosmetics

Like any product we buy, the market will always offer us a great variety of prices and quality, and cosmetic products are no exception. In the market we can find very cheap products up to others that can be multiplied or one hundred.

The high price of a cosmetic product can be due to several reasons;

  • Investment: The brand spends large sums on research
  • Propaganda: Large investments in propaganda of any kind
  • Prestige: A high price of a product is related to a higher quality

Low cosmetic prices can be:

  • Low product quality
  • High product rotation
  • No investment in advertising and research

Playing with all these factors, each company puts a price on its product and plays with qualities. The purchase of a good product of natural cosmetics and that at the same time is cheap, requires that the consumer is well informed of the product (ingredients, origin), that he compares prices and that he does not get carried away by the fashions or massive advertisements.

However, the cheapest option for buying cosmetics will be to make them yourself.

Photo 1: Woman spreading cream on the gut

2. Where to buy our cosmetics products in Germany, Portugal…

The Cortijuelo de San Benito sends all its natural cosmetics products without shipping costs in Spain in two modalities.

  • Orders over 30 € by courier Punto Pack.
  • Orders over 70 € by courier TNT

For the Canary Islands and countries of the European Union and third parties we will always charge postage.

  • Austria, France, Italy, Portugal and Germany: 15 € plus VAT
  • Rest of European Union countries and United States: 25 € plus VAT

For other countries, please contact us and we will calculate the shipping costs.



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