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trucos caseros útiles para el día a día

It is well known that extra virgin olive oil is a fundamental ingredient in any dish of the Mediterranean and Spanish diet. What not everyone knows is that extra virgin olive oil has other uses outside the kitchen, as we will see in this article.

If you want to learn more about extra virgin olive oil, we recommend you read. Benefits of olive oil

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Tricks for the Home

1. Eliminate the noise of a squeaky door:

If you are tired of using unnatural and toxic chemicals to solve small damage to your home furniture, one way to eliminate the squeaky noise from a door hinge is to pour a few drops of olive oil on it. The oil will lubricate the hinge and this annoying squeaking noise will disappear.

2. Lubricant for shaving:

Instead of using shaving cream or shaving foam, replace it with extra virgin olive oil. The olive oil will soften your hair and skin, allowing a smoother shave and without scratches. It will also moisturize your skin leaving it radiant and soft. Extra virgin olive oil can also be used to shave other body pairs.

3. Control of the hairballs of the cats:

Cats suck their skin in order to keep it clean, but this action leads them to swallow a lot of hair that accumulates in their stomach forming hairballs. It is inevitable that the cat ingested hair and form these balls that causes constipation and in case of more severe intestinal obstruction. One way to encourage the expulsion of these balls, is to add some olive oil to your food to lubricate your digestive system and encourage the expulsion of these hairballs before they are too large and more difficult to expel.

Photo 1: Two bottles of extra virgin olive oil

Home Beauty Tips

4. Polishing furniture

If you don’t want to use polishes and household products derived from petroleum and containing chemicals that can be toxic. One way to replace it is to use extra virgin olive oil. In addition, if you add lemon oil, white vinegar and water to the oil, you will have an effective and natural furniture polish.

5. Remove makeup from the face

A natural makeup remover without chemicals, parabens or other substances that can irritate your skin, is extra virgin olive oil. Pour a few drops of this oil on a piece of cotton and gently removes all the rest of makeup that contains your face. It will also moisturize your skin and leave it clean, shiny and soft.

6. Lubricate a lock

If the lock on your house is stuck and you can’t open the door, put a few drops in the key and lubricate its gears, then the lock will work like good again.

7. They clean the tools in your garden.

A way to leave your garden tools always like new. Remove all dirt and grime that is stuck in them, then take a rag with olive oil and rub the tools until they are clean and shiny. This way your tool will look new.

8. Natural cosmetics

As we explained in the article The use of extra virgin olive oil in natural cosmetics, you can prepare at home in an easy and simple way a wide variety of natural cosmetics products for the daily care of your skin.

Home Slimming Tips

My slimming trick is as follows and consists of two fundamental parts. The first is to do gentle exercise for as long as you can. I mean gentle exercise such as walking. The second part is to control the lunch and dinner, in both cases, I just eat a plate and dessert. The dessert has to consist of some piece of fruit.

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