Benefits of apple cider vinegar

manzana y vinagre de manzana

Apple vinegar is made from apple wine or more commonly called cider, which is why this vinegar is also called cider vinegar. Cider is obtained from the fermentation of apples, through the yeasts found in their skin. These yeasts convert the sugars in the apple into alcohol. Once the wine is made, it is stored in a warm place and in contact with the open air, so that the aerobic bacteria of the vinegar transform the alcohol into acetic acid. This transformation can last for weeks, and when the alcohol runs out, the wine is completely converted to vinegar.

Apple vinegar contains vitamins (beta-carotene, folic acid, vitamins B and C), minerals (calcium, magnesium, iron) and other elements.


  1. Benefits of apple cider vinegar
  2. Benefits of apple vinegar for hair
  3. Benefits of apple cider vinegar and honey
  4. Where to buy apple vinegar?

Summary: Let’s see below the properties, uses and some more information of these products so beneficial and that they can not miss any gourmet lover.

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1. Benefits of apple cider vinegar

Much is said about the numerous benefits of apple vinegar, calling it almost miraculous food. Some of the properties given to it are not just myths, because if you follow its advice can harm us. However, a few of them do have a scientific basis, as we will explain below.

a) Diabetes

Carol S. Johnston, associate director of the nutrition program at Arizona State University, a researcher who has studied the effects of apple vinegar for more than 10 years, reports in the Washington Post that vinegar appears to inhibit the enzymes that help digest starch. By not digesting the starch completely in the stomach, a lower glycemic response is achieved in foods with a high glycemic load. This impact is greater than vinegar if it is accompanied by whole-grain foods. However, according to Johnston these properties are due to acetic acid, which is found in all vinegars.

On the other hand, a study carried out in 2004 and published in the journal Diabetes Care tested people with type 2 diabetes, who suffered from insulin resistance (first symptoms of type 2 diabetes). The results showed that apple vinegar regulated the blood glucose level, avoiding peaks after high glycaemic load meals and not affecting low glycaemic load meals. In other words, it helped to keep blood glucose levels stable.

b) Prebiotic

The undigested starch could have a prebiotic effect, since it could feed the intestinal flora. A good intestinal flora helps our organism to digest and strengthens our immune system.

c) Weight loss

Studies carried out on mice show that the consumption of vinegar leads to a significant weight loss. However, when these studies are conducted in humans, this weight loss is not significant, as indicated by a study conducted in Japan in 2009. Therefore, contrary to what many books and popular culture say, apple vinegar has little influence on weight loss.

d) Tooth whitening

Also popular or internet tips recommend diluting apple vinegar in water and rinsing your teeth with it. However, the acetic acid contained in vinegar does bleach teeth, but it does so by eroding the enamel and reducing its thickness. For this reason, I do not recommend following these tips or others that recommend using other acids such as lemon to whiten teeth.

The vinegar used in salads or other dishes does not affect the enamel of the teeth, because it is diluted and neutralized with other foods.

e) Cholesterol:

Several studies have shown that apple vinegar lowers cholesterol both to people with diabetes and those who do not, because apple vinegar raises HDL cholesterol, the so-called good and low LDL, the so-called bad.

f) Antimicrobial:

As everyone knows and can see, vinegar is used as a preservative because of its acetic acid content. These properties can be used to disinfect our body both internally and externally, which cleanses us of parasites and microbes.

Photo 1: Geri balsamic apple vinegars

2. Benefits of apple vinegar for hair

We have just seen the fantastic properties that apple vinegar has for hair, but many are also unaware of the uses that can also be given in beauty care and especially for hair care.

As in many of our articles, we are going to give you here a recipe for the care of your hair


500 ml water

4 tablespoons quality apple vinegar

How to use

– Prepare the water in a bowl and pour the tablespoons of apple vinegar.

– Put the mixture in a spray bottle.

– Once the hair has been shampooed and rinsed, spray the hair with the mixture.

– Massage the roots of the hair with your fingertips. No need to rinse

Benefits for hair

1. Balances the pH of the scalp

The ideal pH of the scalp oscillates between 4 and 5. Vinegar, being a natural acid product, will help us to achieve lower pH in a natural and enriching way, as it is rich in minerals and vitamins.

2. Repair damaged tips

Apple vinegar helps repair the hair cuticle, preventing the formation of split ends and leaving our hair much healthier, shiny and protected.

3. Eliminates dandruff

As vinegar is a product with low acidity, it has a bactericidal and antifungal effect. Dandruff is usually caused by fungi and bacteria, such as the well-known pityrosporum ovale.  By eliminating these infections, we eliminate dandruff from our hair.

4. It strengthens the function of the hair favoring its growth.

Vinegar is a natural product that cleanses us of fungi and bacteria due to its low acidity, and is rich in vitamins and minerals. All this strengthens our function and helps the hair grow healthier and more vigorous.

3. Benefits of apple cider vinegar and honey

Also, the apple cider vinegar has better properties with honey.

4. Where to buy apple vinegar?

Apple vinegar is a cheap vinegar of very common use, which is usually sold in all large supermarkets and supermarkets. However, finding a high quality artisan apple vinegar is not so easy, as there are very few producers who transform their cider into apple vinegar or cider. Among the few that I have found, is the vinegar of the brand Geri.

In our shop specialized in extra virgin olive oil and raw honey from Las Rozas we offer you apple vinegars of the Geri brand. This company has a more common one that sells it in large supermarkets and two balsamic ones, which are what we sell. One of them is only balsamic and the other is enriched with cider must. Both are high quality and very rich vinegars.

We also offer you other types of high quality vinegar; Sherry vinegar, Pedro Ximenes, Modena vinegar, white vinegar and vinegar creams.



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