Green oil, olive tree purity

Olive oil of Casas de Hualdo

At the end of October and the beginning of November, the green oil comes out to the market. An oil with a spectacular colour and aroma. This green oil enters through the eyes, and as such, this type of extra virgin olive oil is increasingly in demand on the market.

Therefore, in this article we will look at the following points:

  1. The green oil
  2. He’s better or worse than the others
  3. When and where to buy it?
  4. Why do these early oils emerge?

In our shop in Las Rozas de Madrid we also have these green oils from Castillo de Canena, Oro del Desierto, Segorbe Nostrum and other brands. We also recommend you to read our previous article: Olive oil characteristics

1. The green oil

Green oil is the first to come out in late October and early November. This very green colour is achieved because the olive is harvested green or almost green. In addition, the green color comes from the chlorophyll.

Furthermore, when it is picked very early it has a series of advantages and disadvantages. Among the advantages, is that all the oil that comes out of it, is extra virgin, unless the olive is damaged. It is extra virgin, since it is collected totally from the flight.

a) Its aroma

The aroma of these oils is peculiar. This does not mean that it is better or worse than others. Its peculiarity comes from picking the olive so early, giving a taste of unripe fruit.

b) Properties

The properties of this oil are enormous, as it is freshly milled, and has all the antioxidants and vitamins that come from the olive.

c) Price

The price is always much higher, as the yield of this early olive is much lower. The yield is less than 50% for olives harvested in December.

aceite de oliva ecológico edición limitada de Oro del desierto

Foto 1: Extra virgin olive oil of Oro del Desierto

2. Is green oil better or worse than the others

Green oil has, as we have seen before, a number of characteristics, but this does not mean that it is worse or better, if we compare it with another one in the same category.

However, it is true that the green oil has been harvested entirely from olives from the flight, and if it is green it means that it is recent. Therefore, from this point of view, green oil does have more of its beneficial substances for health.

3. When and where to buy it?

These oils can be found mainly in shops specializing in extra virgin olive oil and in gourmet shops. They are rarely found in large stores, with the exception of Corte Ingles.

Large stores do not usually have them, because this type of oil is not for large-scale consumption and it does not make sense to buy large quantities so that they remain on the shelves of large stores for more than a year. Whoever buys a green olive oil looks for the highest quality, and that is why they buy it from specialized places.

The best time to buy it is from October to the beginning of the year. After that, it loses its properties and colour.

4. Why do these early oils appear?

Large supermarkets, as it is already known, use olive oil as an attractive product. For this reason, decades ago the idea arose to collect the oil earlier, and thus achieve flavors and aromas different from conventional ones. In the end, it is to offer a product with great organoleptic characteristics that make the consumer fall in love.

The result has been positive, because these oils are in demand and have a higher price in the market.


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