Ideas for stuffing olives

great ideas for stuffing olives

Olives are the queens of appetizers. Besides being delicious, they are also very beneficial to your health. Therefore, here we would like to encourage you not to be satisfied with always taking the same olives and preparing delicious stuffings yourself. Ideally, you should do everything from curing to stuffing, but if you don’t have the time, at least you can give some of these delicious fillings.


  1. Aceituning to surprise and play
  2. Our best stuffed olives
  3. Fantastic ideas for stuffing olives
  4. Delicious dressing for olives

Summary: Also, in our shop in Las Rozas de Madrid you have at your disposal a fantastic selection of natural, stuffed and seasoned olives.

Other interesting studies:Olives get fat.

1. Aceitunig to surprise and play

Olives are prepared with different dressings and fillings. It is also a very fun activity to do with your children.

This activity is being done in many schools in Andalucia, and as we have indicated, it is very enjoyable. In addition, here is a video about olives

2. Our best stuffed olives

Some stuffed olives are very popular in our shop. Here we show some of them:

a) Stuffed olive fried

You can prepare this stuffed olives in your home. Only you have to follow this easy recipe.

b) Anchovy stuffed olives

We sell anchovy stuffed olive. However, we can also offer olive with natural anchovy. This olive are more delicious.

c) Blue cheese stuffed olives

Another delicious recipe that you can prepare in your home with bluee cheese. Delicious olives that everybody likes.

d) Garlic stuffed olives

A very traditional olives, that are stuffed with natural garlic. We offer them in our shop and also, you can prepare yourself in your home.

So, let’s prove, you will love them.

3. Fantastic ideas for stuffing olives

Among the fillings you can add to your olives, we recommend the following.

a) Fruits

One of the healthiest and most delicious ways to stuff olives is by adding fruit. Among the fruits that give a very delicious touch, we have: date, mango and pineapple.

b) Vegetables

Vegetables are also a very good option for stuffing olives. Besides the well-known gherkin, we can also stuff them with pepper, aubergine, garlic, onions, etc. If we are more daring, we can put a jarapeño or chilli pepper in them

c) Cheese

A warmer but very tasty dressing. Stuffing them with cheese is a great idea, as they come out delicious. In other European countries such as Italy, it is very common to fill them with cheese, something that will become increasingly popular in Spain

d) Dried fruit

Another option you have for filling them is with nuts. Dried fruits such as almonds, peanuts, etc. Somewhat calorific, but very healthy.

d) Sausage

Stuffing them with York ham, mortadella or other sausages can also be very tasty.

e) Fish

Another of the star fillings is that fish, and within these, with anchovies. Putting an anchovy in the olive, is something very common as an appetizer.

In combination with some of them, you get the typical Basque Country skewers, which consist of a combination of olive, anchovy in vinegar, a small onion and a chilli pepper. Something delicious that you can prepare yourself at home.

In short, here you have fantastic ideas for stuffing olives to make at home, have fun with the kids or surprise your guests.

4. Delicious dressings for olives

Now with the summer and the confinement we have to suffer, what better than to prepare some delicious olives with some very surprising dressings:

a) Tzatziki with olives

The tzatziki dressing is a typical Greek dressing, which consists of adding a yogurt and cucumber-based sauce.

b) Olives with American dressing

We obtain this typical American dressing by adding toasted corn and a little bit of coriander. The roasted corn gives the olives a crunchy touch, the coriander gives them a crunchy touch.

c) Olives with tuna mojama and peanuts

For this dressing we need to chop the tuna, peanuts and other nuts very well. Then we add it to the olives.

d) Olives with carrot dressing

This dressing is ideal for those who want to lose weight and are looking for very healthy olives, as it has very few calories. This dressing consists of adding ground carrot with mandolin.

e) Olives with sautéed asparagus and toasted almonds

This recipe is more laborious, but you’ll see it’s worth it. First you have to stir-fry some green asparagus and then add a few cubes of Serrano ham. Mix these with the olives and finally add some parmesan cheese powder.

f) Olives with macadamia nuts

You add some macadamia nuts to your chamomile olives. Another delicious and very healthy snack.



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