Marijuana Oil Goes on Sale in the United States

Aceite de marihuana producido en California

A company from the United States has just launched its extra virgin olive oil with marijuana, with its brand name “Pot d’Huile”. Satisfying the culinary cravings of both gourmets and connoisseurs of marijuana. The consumers of this product can control their dosage and their experiences.

At present it is prohibited to sell extra virgin olive oil with marijuana. In the Cortijuelo de San Benito in Las Rozas de Madrid and in our online store, you can buy the best olive oils in Spain: olive oil from Baena, Jaén, Sierra Magina, Sierra de Cazorla, Priego de Córdoba, Toledo … and the best brands: Oro Bailen, El Empiedro, oro del Desierto, Casas Hualdo … On the olive oil with marijuana, as soon as it is allowed to sell it in Spain we will bring it.

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Extra virgin olive oil with marijuana

Olive oil with marijuana extracts can be used as any extra virgin olive oil, substituting the frequently used one that could be found in any kitchen. However, this olive oil with marijuana guarantees to bring a touch of vitality even to the dullest dishes. Carolyn Insley, the accounting coordinator of the Pot d’Huile oil promises in the interview granted to the magazine “Olive Oil Times” that the consumers enjoy without any doubt of the effects that has on the body the marijuana.

This olive oil with marijuana comes from a small family oil mill in Northern California made with the varieties of olives hojiblanca and arbequina. The marijuana extract was obtained from the famous California company that also makes its famous marijuana cookies “Gorilla Cookies”.

When asked about the uses of her olive oil, Insley replied, “Pot d’Huile can be used in everyday cooking in a wide range of recipes, such as salad dressings, hummus, pastries where olive oil is normally used.

“Even more than consuming other industrial bakery products, fast food or precooked food (which is usually delicious), the consumer of our olive oil with marijuana can encourage their own culinary creativity and develop delicious and healthy dishes, where at the same time they can discover the experiences they can look for in marijuana.

An olive oil with a neutral taste and aroma

Insley added, “Despite a neutral taste and aroma and a simple dose of Pot d’Huile, this olive oil offers an enormous range of uses for food professionals, as it can be used in the kitchen just like any other good extra virgin olive oil. However, it is important to appreciate that this olive oil should never exceed 180 ºC, as it would lose its aroma and flavour, that is to say, I do not recommend it either for frying or for preparing sofritos”.

Pot dhuile was founded in 2015 but its manufacturers had to overcome great obstacles to perfect the product and achieve what we have now. Yannick Creeps, the celebrity of this project, admitted, “Our first extra virgin olive oil with marijuana tasted horrible,” but after extensive and documented research, we managed to find an effective way to neutralize the herbal flavor of marijuana and eliminate undesirable chemicals, while maintaining the precise dosage of marijuana. We came to try a large number of machines for the extraction of marijuana, which were discarded when not achieving the desired product.

The biochemist Alison Comiso Bordsen was finally hired at the beginning of this project. She was the one who devised a method to successfully practice marijuana and at the same time assure consumers the maximum benefits of the product. The process is a well-kept secret, Insley said. Pot d’Huile cannot be patented, as marijuana is illegal under current U.S. federal law.

Photo 1: Marijuana plant

The culture of marijuana

Insley also added: “Pot d’Huile was created as a response to the disappointing state of edible products that are not valued in today’s society. With this product we fuse the gastronomic culture of California with the culture of Marijuana. Also, Pot d’Huile olive oil aims to give consumers the ability to control their dosage and experience, while offering them a high quality product on par with other gourmet products highly valued in California markets.

Pot d’Huile’s producers say: “We are the only ones who offer an extra virgin olive oil with marijuana with a specific dosage and a neutral flavour. A fifth of a teaspoon of that marijuana olive oil contains one milligram of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) (the main psychoactive constituent of marijuana). The recommended dosage for the most frequent marijuana users is two to four milligrams of THC, which has an effect similar to a glass of wine. The recommendation for casual users can reach 5 to 10 milligrams, which would be equivalent to three glasses of wine.

The 100 ml bottle of Pot d’Huile olive oil is being sold in California at a price of about 45 dollars, about 50 euros at the current exchange rate. Each bottle contains about 100 grams of THC and all the benefits of a good extra virgin olive oil. It is recommended to protect them from light and temperature, and once opened do not take long to consume it.

Medical use of marijuana is legal in 30 U.S. states and recreational use is permitted in Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Oregon, Nevada, Massachusetts, Washington and Washington DC. About 20 percent of the U.S. population can acquire marijuana for medical or recreational use.

Benefits of Marijuana Olive Oil

The olive oil with marijuana is marijuana is an alternative to those who want to obtain the benefits of smoking marijuana, but want to consume it in another way. Marijuana has many benefits but is only allowed in Spain by prescription.

Where to buy marijuana oil in Spain?

In Spain it is only allowed by prescription.


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