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aceite de oliva gourmet en Madrid

The extra virgin olive oil has become one of the indispensable gourmet products of any gourmet in the kitchen. There is no longer any talk of plain olive oil or extra virgin olive oil. Now we are talking about varieties; picual, arbequina, royal, cornicabra or production areas; Baena, Jaén, Sierra de Cazorla, Sierra Magina, Priego de Córdoba and even oil brands are much talked about; Castillo de Canena, Oro del Desierto, Oro Bailen, Casas Hualdo, etc..

In our online shop or in Las Rozas in Madrid you can buy the best extra virgin olive oils from Spain: El Empiedro, Oro Bailen, Casas Hualdo, Castillo de Canena, etc. and from the best production areas; olive oil from Baena, Sierra de Cazorla, Sierra Magina, Priego de Córdoba, Montes de Toledo… You may also be interested in Where to buy extra virgin olive oil

The best brands of gourmet olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil currently goes through the same steps as wine. State, private, international, national and provincial organizations award the best extra virgin olive oils. Not all olive oils are the same, the year of the season, in packaging, type of milling and variety are very important data to be able to buy a great premium olive oil.

Hundreds of olive oils are awarded in each season and among all these, we have selected some of the best, where you can buy them in our store.

Houses in Hualdo

Olive oil mill located in Toledo that produces four types of extra virgin olive oil varieties: arbequina, cornicabra, manzanilla and picual. Varieties all of which win the most prestigious awards year after year.

Picture 1: Extra virgin olive oil from Hualdo houses

Castillo de Canena

One of the best known and recognized extra virgin olive oils both inside and outside Spain. It also stands out for its great commitment to innovation and environmental care.

Picture 2: Extra virgin olive oil from Castillo de Canena

El Empiedro

A cooperative located in the village of Priego de Córdoba that produces spectacular olive oils.

Photo 3: Extra virgin olive oil from El Empiedro

Oro de Bailen:

In Oro Bailen we find two varieties of olive oil: arbequina and picual. The most awarded of them is Oro Bailen Reserva Familiar picual. A balanced extra virgin olive oil with great harmony, flavour and aroma. An oil that any discerning cook should try.

Oro Bailen Family Reserve Arbequina olive oil is another of its most awarded oils. An oil with great balance, softer and freshly mown grass aroma. Arbequina is for those who are looking for more fruity aromas in the oil.

Photo 4: Oro Bailen extra virgin olive oil

Oro del Desierto

A small oil mill located in the desert of taverns that produces extra virgin olive oils of four varieties: arbequina, cornicabra, lechín and picual. This oil mill stands out for its olive groves located in a desert area with the highest number of hours of sunshine.


The oil mill of as Pontis elaborates an extra virgin olive oil of the variety manzanilla cacereña in conventional and ecological. An oil mill that is gradually winning the most prestigious awards.

Other brands

Among other quality brands we are adding are: Finca la Torre, Cortijo la Torre, Oleo Pepillo, Knolive, Molino de Zafra, Segorbe Nostrum and more to come.

Gourmet olive oil and other large areas

With the same steps as wine, extra virgin olive oil is considered to be a product that cannot be missing for any demanding quality product. It is the emergence of premium or gourmet oils, oils that follow the steps of excellence. Packaging, quality, design, everything studied in the smallest detail, to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

To buy a good gourmet olive oil you need to have a specific culture in this field or be advised by an expert. The search for information and advice has led to the emergence of shops specializing in extra virgin olive oil such as El Cortijuelo de San Benito.

In El Cortijuelo San Benito, apart from offering you an enormous and select range of olive oils, we immerse you in the culture of oil.

Before buying a good extra virgin olive oil, it is essential to set the date of its preferential consumption, the origin, the bottling plant, the year of the season and the type of packaging.

Don’t buy olive oil offers

If you are looking for a good olive oil, forget about the great promotions and offers. You’ll never find quality at such low prices. Large supermarkets seek to attract customers with these products. To give such low prices, there is no other way but to give very low qualities that even in olive oil, could become lampante olive oils.

We may be tempted to buy very cheap olive oil for thicker family consumption. Olive or cheap seed oils are oils with very tight quality standards. If these oils with very tight quality are subjected to high temperatures during frying, the deterioration is easier.

The reuse that is given to each oil in the kitchen depends on each person; some only use it once and then throw it away and otherwise we would have some restaurants that use it hundreds of times. My hair stands on end when I go to the fairs and see little huts where they sell fried food and their oil doesn’t stop smoking all day long. A real outrage! According to different scientific studies, a good extra virgin olive oil of the picual or cornicabra variety could be reused up to 9 times, compared to sunflower oil, which at most could be reused twice. Therefore, if we use the calculator, an extra virgin olive oil only from the economic point of view will always be cheaper.

Looking at it from the point of view of health and quality, looking for cheap oils makes no sense. There is no comparison with a good extra virgin olive oil, with its fresh aroma and fruity taste with some bitterness and spiciness. A product with enormous health benefits, the fresher and better it is.

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