Honey makes you fat: myth or reality

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Honey is a completely natural product that comes from the flowers of plants or from the sap of trees through bees. When honey is not subjected to any handling process, it is commonly referred to as raw or pure honey. A honey that tends to crystallize, that is to say to put itself in a solid state.

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Honey is made up of different sugars; mainly fructose and glucose and to a lesser extent maltose sucrose and other sugars, minerals; calcium, cobra magnesium, iron, manganese and zinc; vitamins of the B, C, D and E complex; enzymes from bees’ stomachs and other organic compounds: acetic acid, citric acid, etc.

Any food product digested by the human body will provide us with calories and fatten us up. Honey has 304 calories per 100 g, compared to sugar that has 387, honey is less calorific. At the same time honey is about 1.5 times more sweetening than sugar, so if we want to sweeten a product, honey will sweeten it with less amount. Therefore, having to use less product and having fewer calories will help us lose weight.

However, if you want to lose weight, I wouldn’t look at calories so much. Advancing science has called into question the diets that count calories. Not by eating fewer calories will you lose weight. It is more important if you want to lose weight to eat a balanced, nutrient-rich diet than a hypocalorific diet. Here pure honey wins by a landslide compared to other sweeteners such as sugar, because honey, as we saw at the beginning, not only provides us with sweetness and energy, it is rich in nutrients and on top of that, all of them are essential for the proper functioning of our body.

We could summarize that honey is as fattening as any other food, but less so than sugar.

Honey makes you fat at night

The calories we eat before going to bed, especially if we eat late, go straight to the bottom of our bodies as fat deposits, that is, they are the ones that make us overweight. It is important not to have too much dinner and to eat dinner about two hours before going to bed.

It is true that honey is a food and if we take it before going to bed it will not produce fattening, but it is the amount we take from it that will make us fatten up. If we gorge ourselves on it, of course we’re going to get fat, if we take a teaspoon to sweeten some juice or small dessert, we’re not going to add just a few calories.

Many times we focus on a product, such as honey makes you fat, but we must also see other aspects, take an infusion before going to bed or dinner time, and with that relaxation not consume anything else, it will help us lose weight and gain health.

My own experience

Honey acts as a relaxing and sleeping agent, especially rosemary honey. A sweetened lemon juice at the end of dinner will help you to relax at night and you won’t eat eagerly.

Honey or sugar in the diet

Now nutritionists are blaming most of the health problems we suffer from (cardiovascular, degenerative and obesity problems) on carbohydrates and especially sugars. Sugar is a refined food that provides only calories and no nutrients. Even brown sugar, which has a little more nutrients, but very little. Therefore, brown sugar and white sugar would be almost the same from a nutritional point of view.

Basing the diet only on calories causes imbalances in our health, ultimately leading to the development of a disease. From the point of view of our ideal weight, if we consume a lot of calories without any nutrients, the body will be asking us to eat more food until we satisfy the level of nutrients despite filling our stomachs. We are going to eat many more than we consume, as a result, our body will gain weight.

A balanced, nutrient-rich diet will meet our vital needs with adequate intakes. This, together with stress management and exercise, will help us maintain or reach our ideal weight.

molecura of saccharin

Photo 1: Saccharin formula

Honey or saccharin

Saccharin is a compound obtained from toluene and other petroleum products.

With this definition of saccharin, it is clear that the natural, health and nutritional supremacy of honey is paramount. Honey is a completely natural product without manipulation against saccharin, a product derived from petroleum. We call this product, because you can’t call it food.

It is clear that honey makes you fat, but unlike saccharin and sugar, honey gives you plenty of nutrients, such as enzymes, minerals and antioxidants. If you don’t want honey to make you fat, the best way is not to abuse it.


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