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Honey is one of the most popular natural sweeteners of all, but a forbidden sweetener for vegans. Vegans consider the extraction of honey to be an unfair process that does not respect nature, as we take unfair advantage of the work of bees and the food they produce for themselves. However, with a new patent from a US company, this is about to end. They have patented a honey that is obtained by a proprietary technology that they claim is very natural.


  1. Honey suitable for vegans
  2. Does it have the same properties as bee honey?
  3. Where to buy this honey suitable for vegans?
  4. Cane honey or molasses

Summary: Honey for vegans, a honey not obtained by bees, but by a physical and chemical process following a new patent taken out by a group of entrepreneurs from the United States. Also, in our shop in Las Rozas de Madrid you have at your disposal a fantastic selection of bee honeys; rosemary, eucalyptus, thyme,…

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1. Honey suitable for vegans

The vegan diet or lifestyle does not accept the consumption of bee honey. The reason is very simple, they consider that beekeeping exploits bees and takes away their food in an exploitative and unfair way. Vegans want to be totally respectful of the environment, and to take advantage of the bees’ work in the production of honey without giving them much more in return is something that vegans cannot allow.

To meet this need of a small part of society, the company Melibionic has found a solution. This team of entrepreneurs has created a honey that is not elaborated by bees, but follows a process patented by them and which I imagine will be quite natural for the elaboration of this product.

2. Does it have the same properties as bee honey?

At the moment we cannot answer this question with certainty. What is certain is that quality raw honey is a fantastic product with magnificent properties for our health.

3. Where can I find this honey suitable for vegans?

The patent has been created in the United States and we do not know when it will arrive in Europe. Therefore, if you want this honey, you have two options; the first is to buy it in the United States; and the second is to wait for a European company to buy the patent and distribute it in Europe.

Regarding the sale of this honey in our shop, we are studying it for the moment.

4. Cane honey or molasses

A possible alternative for vegans looking to sweeten their desserts or dishes with healthier and more vegan-friendly sweeteners is molasses and cane honey. These two products would not harm any animals.


National newspaper La Vanguardia

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