A special day to care for your wife

relaxing bath for your wife

Valentine’s Day, your birthday or any other day is an ideal day to take care of your wife or partner. Here we are going to give you some tips to take care of her with affection and to increase your love and affection for each other. A care that your wife deserves and that she will deeply appreciate, following the following steps of personal care with cosmetic products based on olive oil and honey.


  1. How to surprise your wife or partner?

Summary: Surprising your partner is essential to maintain a good relationship for many years. We would like to give you some tips to make it happen.

1. How to surprise your wife or partner?

Here are some fantastic ideas to enjoy with your partner.

a) First step

First of all, prepare all the cosmetic creams, soaps, gels and perfumes in a basket with some natural flowers. You can also place some candles to give it a more romantic touch, but be careful with this last step because of the candle fire.

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b) Second step

The second step is to let her cleanse her face and remove all traces of make-up or dirt from her skin. Even more so now that cleansing is very important with covid-19. Also, this cleansing, accompanied by the aromas of the cosmetics and perfumes, will make her body begin to feel the effects of relaxation and increase the expectations of what is coming next.

c) Third step

The third step would be to prepare the bath with warm water and to add some lemon, lavender or rose perfume to it. You can also leave a magazine so that when she gets into the bath, she can read it in a relaxed way.

d) Fourth step

After all this, she would use the honey and olive oil soaps to cleanse her skin, in bar or gel form, according to each woman’s taste. Our soaps are ideal for the fresh and natural scent they release, making these moments more pleasurable for her.

e) Fifth step

Once the bath is over, you should dry yourself with a soft towel and then apply a honey and propolis body lotion all over your body. This will moisturise your skin, leaving it soft and with a very pleasant aroma.

f) Last step

Finally your partner has to give you a relaxing massage all over your body with one of our special massage creams.


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