Firewood for sale in Madrid

leña de olivo de Jaén

The cold winter days in Madrid, close to the flame of a fire with olive wood, seeing its vigorous and calorific flame, the smell of a burning fireplace. A romantic dinner by the flames of the fireplace. A barbecue with friends with the charcoal embers on hot summer nights. Moments of pleasure and relaxation.

The Cortijuelo de San Benito in Las Rozas de Madrid, as a shop specialising in extra virgin olive oil and raw and pure honey, also has sacks of olive wood or in bulk available.  You may also be interested in Buying extra virgin olive oil

Buy cheap firewood in Las Rozas de Madrid

As farmers and olive oil producers in Jaén, one of our by-products each year is olive wood, which we also sell in bags or bulk. The characteristics of our supply are as follows:

  1. We supply the firewood cut in bags or in bulk.
  2. We take it to your home or if you wish, or you can pick it up at our store in Las Rozas de Madrid. Avd de Atenas 75. local 103.
  3. – The free home delivery includes only Las Rozas, Majadahonda, Pozuelo and Villalba. 100 kilos minimum quantity. Other municipalities in Madrid will have an additional cost.
  4. Our firewood is cut into small pieces of an ideal size for your fireplace or barbecue. However, we adapt to your needs, providing you with the size and thickness that we index, as well as large logs if you want to do with them carpentry.
  5. Our firewood is already very dry, as it is always one or two years old. Dry wood contains less moisture, weighs less and burns much better.
  6. Each bag usually weighs about 20 kilos. I mean usually, because each one is weighed independently and marked with its exact weight. We sell what we say, we don’t fool with the pounds

Firewood at home in Madrid

The firewood is supplied in bulk or in bags. Upon receipt of the firewood, we will provide you with a certification of the quantity supplied. In the case of bulk, by a scale, and if you wish, you can come with us to pass the firewood. In relation to the sacks, each one of them will be indicated the exact weight of each one of them, which usually oscillate between 20 Kg.

The supply of free firewood at home includes the following municipalities:

  • Las Rozas in Madrid
  • Majadahonda
  • Pozuelo
  • Hole of Manzanares
  • Villalba

The rest of the community of Madrid will have a surcharge, although for him it will depend on his location and quantity.

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    • Christine
      Christine says:

      We have only free delivery in Las Rozas, Majadahonda and Pozuelo. But please, contact with us. Our phone number is 91 603 14 63


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