Natural cosmetics recipes with oil

aceite de oliva para elaborar recetas de cosmética natural

Extra virgin olive oil, raw honey, royal jelly, propolis, aloe vera are fantastic ingredients to make natural cosmetics at home, but we do not always know how to use them and benefit from their magnificent properties. Here we are going to give you some simple and very good recipes to elaborate your cosmetic products with olive oil. You can find more recipes in Recipes of natural cosmetics homemade

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Natural cosmetics at home

As we have said, we have a lot of natural products in our kitchen and we do not know very well how to get the most out of them. Making your own homemade natural cosmetics is a very good idea to get all the performance, take care of your body in a natural way and take care of our environment.

In addition, when elaborating our own natural cosmetics homemade allows us to have an almost total control of what we apply to our skin, that is to say, we can use some good ecological products and even own medicinal plants that we have in house; aloe vera, lavender, rosemary, thyme. Let’s not waste any more time and let’s get down to work!

Olive oil for natural cosmetics

The extra virgin olive oil apart from the extraordinary gastronomic properties in any dish of the Mediterranean diet, can be used directly on the skin for different common beauty treatments. Olive oil is a perfect product to remove make-up, applied directly reduces the aging of our skin, moisturizes and gives it a natural and youthful shine.

Let’s look at several uses of olive oil in more detail:

Lip balm

Dry summer air, open windows in the car and other situations can dry your lips, dehydrate them, even crack them and cause small wounds. As a substitute for your usual lip balm, you can use a little extra virgin olive oil. Extend with your own fingertips, or with a little cotton or absorbent paper extra virgin olive oil. Your lips will be protected, hydrated, shiny and youthful.

Insect bites

Wet areas of the garden can be places of abundance of insects and other animals, which at night can sting and cause annoying stings or grains. One way to avoid this discomfort is to apply a few drops of extra virgin olive oil to the affected areas. If the stinging persists, apply a gauze soaked in cold water and place it on the affected area. You will see how the stinging calms down.

Skin care after depilation

Even if you depilate all year round, it is the time of summer when your legs show off the most, and these ugly pimples can appear. Also, the skin can acquire a redder tone, giving an uglier appearance to our legs. If we apply extra virgin olive oil on our legs and other parts of the body, this will moisturize the skin after depilation, and avoid these pimples and unwanted redness. In addition, if you wax with wax, the oil will help you remove the remains of wax that may remain on our skin.

We recommend not to apply olive oil or any other fatty substance on the recently depilated armpits, because it could provoke effects contrary to those desired and be very careful not to support yourself in any clothes and with the slips, because olive oil takes longer to be absorbed by the skin.

Photo 1: Anti-ageing cream with organic olive oil

Homemade creams for wrinkles and hair

Mixing extra virgin olive oil with other quality natural products, we can achieve fantastic homemade creams.

Hair Mask

Chlorine, salt and sun deteriorate our hair, leaving it very dehydrated, causing it to become tangled, frizz, split ends, and finally killing the funicle and hair. One of the ways we can naturally avoid this is to apply extra virgin olive oil to our hair before washing it. If we add egg and raw honey to the olive oil, we will get a fantastic and super moisturizing hair mask.

When we apply this natural mask, apply it with the fingertips, making small massages and making circulatory movements. Finally, wash your hair with a regular daily shampoo.

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