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The most important honey or beekeeping fairs in the world, where beekeepers, packers and other related businesses come together. Therefore, these are fairs that you should not miss if you are a honey lover or if you want to work in this sector. The compilation is mainly national, but we will be adding or removing them as they appear each year. In addition, many of them offer catering and services for small children. For this reason, it is a good option for a day out with small children.

We have not yet exhibited at any fair, but in the not too distant future we also want to offer our services and products


  1. Most famous honey fairs in Spain
  2. Bee fairs in Europe
  3. International fairs

Summary: The most important beekeeping fairs in Spain and the rest of the world where you can contact businessmen and beekeepers who exhibit their products and services. Also, in our shop in Las Rozas de Madrid you can find top quality multi-flower and single-flower honeys.

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1. Most famous honey fairs in Spain

Among the most famous honey and beekeeping fairs in Spain, we have the following:

a) Pastrana honey fair

This fair takes place in Guadalajara, in Pastrana and has been held for more than 40 years, and in 2022 it will be held for the 41st time. It also takes place in one of the most important places for honey production, in La Alcarria.

b) Campoo de Yuso Beekeeping Fair

This fair is also very well known and has been held in Santander for more than 15 fairs. This fair is organised by the town council in collaboration with several associations such as AECRIA, Spanish Association of Queen Bee Breeding, APICAM, Association of Beekeepers from Campoo de Yuso, among others.

It is usually held in October, but it could change every year.

c) National beekeeping fair in Torrelavega

The national fair of Torrelavega takes place in Torrelavega in Cantabria in October. It is another of the most renowned fairs in Spain.

d) Palencia beekeeping fair, regional of Castilla y León

This smaller fair takes place in Palencia around February. They have just started to hold these fairs and by 2022 they should hold their second one.

e) Beekeeping Fair Sierra de Cádiz

The fair of Sierra de Cádiz usually takes place in October every year in Cádiz. It is a small but very complete fair. It is divided into several parts; the first part is didactic and has exhibitions, where experts in this sector present their new discoveries. Another more commercial part where beekeepers sell their products as well as catering.

f) Ayora – Valencia

This is the most important beekeeping fair in the Valencian Community and takes place in October in the town of Ahora. This fair has been declared a Festivity of Tourist Interest in the Valencian Community, and is a great beekeeping event where the gastronomy, culture and tourism of Valencia are also made known.

A large fair that is organised into various sections: beekeeping, gastronomy, children’s area, craft area and shopping area.

g) Honey Festival of El Perelló, in Tarragona

Another Spanish multi-sectoral fair that showcases producers, beekeeping services and other typical products from the Ebro Valley.

h) Honey Fair of Aldeatejada

This fair held in Salamanca has in other years included tasting sessions, bouncy castles and an area for snacks and aperitifs. It is therefore a beekeeping fair for young and old alike.

i) Other fairs

Throughout the year and in all the communities there are other fairs which, although they are not specialised in honey, we can find small beekeepers selling their honey. Examples of these are county fairs, village fairs or other larger fairs such as Bio cultura.

2. Beekeeping fairs in Europe

In Europe we also have other interesting beekeeping fairs, such as the ones we are going to show below:

a) Apimell

This fair takes place every year in the Italian city of Plasencia. Moreover, this is one of the most important beekeeping fairs that takes place in Italy where organisations, producers, businesses and institutions meet. Therefore, it is a fantastic fair for everyone involved in this sector and for beekeeping enthusiasts.

b) Trenčín beekeeping trade fair

A fair that takes place in Slovakia and brings together businesses involved in beekeeping.

c) European beekeeping congress

Another European trade fair for beekeeping, associations, honey producers, veterinarians, associations and institutions is the European beekeeping congress. It takes place in Krakow, a city in Poland.

d) Apislovenia

Apislovenia is another fair that takes place in Slovenia. Beekeepers, honey traders and beekeeping businesses are also promoted here.

e) International honey fair

Bulgaria also has a very important beekeeping fair that takes place in the Bulgarian city of Barna. It brings together all kinds of businesses related to honey production and beekeeping.


Pastrana beekeeping fair


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