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Currently in early 2022 our suppliers are having problems obtaining glass containers to package their products. Consequently, all our honey, olive oil and wine producers are forced to raise their prices to compensate for the increase in the cost of glass. This rise is being seen in all types of packaging and products, as the increase is being seen in all types of containers, their caps, labels and packaging. We are not going to comment on the reasons for this rise, nor do we know for sure. Although it is true that some of them have given us their opinion on the matter. What it does seem is that this rise is going to be maintained and as of today, in 2023, it continues to rise.


  1. Problems with glass containers
  2. Problems with olive oil and honey
  3. New plastic tax

Summary: The current energy crisis, governments’ approach to climate change, the war in Ukraine and other added problems are causing a shortage of glass jars. Therefore, the olive oil, honey and olive industry are suffering the consequences. Consequently, so are we.

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1. Problems with glass containers

Regardless of who is right or the causes of this rise, this problem is causing the following changes. Changes that are continuing and look set to continue for some years to come. Regardless of how long they are here, let’s see how they are affecting us now.

In short, these are the changes that can be found below:

a) Bottles with other similar shapes.

Several producers have already had to change the format of their products. In some cases, the change has even affected the quantity of the product. For example, in the case of apple cider vinegar bottles. In other cases, the jar is something different, like our beekeeper located in Brihuega who brings you his honey from that area.

b) Changes in quantity

In the same way, some products, in view of not being able to find containers of the same quantity, are going to supply us in the near future with a slightly smaller quantity. In this case, we have our honey products from Antonio Simón. He will soon be supplying us with 975g jars instead of one kilo.

2. Legality of these measures

All these measures, as we are told, are within the legality. In our case, we will have to slightly change the information on our website so that the description fits perfectly with what you are going to buy.

3. Problems with olive oil and honey

Currently the suppliers of extra virgin olive oil have not informed us about the problems with their packaging. However, we believe that this will be a matter of time. Perhaps they have been more forthcoming and will have enough supply for several years.

3. New tax on plastic

The Association of Industrial Packers and Refiners of Edible Oils, ANIERAC, denounces this tax. It considers that this tax will not help to moderate the rise in the price of olive oil and other oils. Moreover, Spain will be the first country in Europe to apply this tax, which will start to be applied in January of this year. Consequently, a new tax will be applied to a basic necessity.

Other countries such as Italy are postponing the tax as long as possible, as they are aware of the damage it will cause to the olive oil industry.

The rest of the food industry will also be affected, including beekeepers. They are only partially affected, because they sell less of their honey in plastic jars.

In short, we are adding more problems to the food sector in Spain.


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