Castillo de Peñalver

Cosmetics with olive oil of Castillo de Peñalver

The company Mielería Alcarreña, owner of the brand “Castillo de Peñalver” is a family business founded a few decades ago by Dionisio, who had the great sense of smell and intelligence to develop natural cosmetics products based primarily on products of the hive, such as honey, propolis and royal jelly. In our shop in Las Rozas de Madrid and in our online store we have selected this brand of natural cosmetics products for its high quality and for the seriousness and good service given by the company Mielería Alcarreña.

In our company we always look for natural products that have common ingredients and quality. We do not want to see lists of endless ingredients with increasingly strange words and more sophisticated compounds, which do not know the effects that can have long term on our health.


  1. Soaps of Castillo de Peñalver
  2. Creams of Castillo de Peñalver
  3. Castillo de Peñalver gel
  4. Where does name Castillo de Peñalver come?
  5. Where can I buy Castillo de Peñalver products?

Summary: Castillo de Peñalver elaborates all the cosmetic products that a woman or man needs for their daily care of hygiene and beauty. Among its most successful products are its soaps, natural creams and bath gel.

Other interesting studies: 

1. Soaps of Castillo de Peñalver

Mielería Alcarreña produces a large quantity of natural soaps; soaps with olive oil, seaweed, cavias, chocolate, glycerine, royal jelly, lavender, honey, pollen, propolis, rosehip and many more.

soap with Propolis of Castillo de Peñalver

Handwashing is something fundamental that we must do frequently in order to avoid infections and stomach pains, and these soaps are ideal for it, because they clean deeply and leave your hands hydrated and nourished.

2. Creams of Castillo de Peñalver

Another of the star products of this natural cosmetics company are its face and hand creams, creams such as; cream with organic olive oil, bee venom, royal jelly, honey … among others.

bee venom cream of Castillo de Peñalver

The use of creams is essential to keep skin young, shiny and soft, and these creams are a fantastic option to use every day, as they only contain natural ingredients.

3. Castllo de Peñalver Bath Gel

The honey and herb bath gels have also reaped great national success by leaving the skin clean, soft and with a very pleasant herbal and honey arome.

Bath gel ofCastillo de Peñalver


In substitution to soaps and in a more comfortable way we also have fantastic bath gels, which leave the skin soft and clean, without creating irritations like other industrial gels.

4. Where does the name Peñalver Castle come from?

The name Peñalver Castle comes from a ruin found in the town of Peñalver and today there are only three fragments of what was a beautiful castle of the sixteenth century.

From El Cortjuelo San Benito we have selected this company for the great quality of its products, but we have also found other natural cosmetics companies such as: Cosmética Olivo and Hair Concept.



Mielería Alcarreña

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