A new chemical-free system for removing bee varroa

Arpa para eliminar la varroa

Beekeeping and the entire raw honey sector are looking for solutions to save bees. Losses of 5% or 10% of the hives have become more than 50%. Both small researchers and large universities are investing resources to find a solution to this pressing problem.

Honey Bee Gymnasium

The English inventor, Stuart Roweth, has created a small artillery that helps bees to convert the varroa. This contraption has been called Ginmasio de las abejas. This invention provides a solution in the fight against varroa and at the same time it is a low-cost, chemical-free and sustainable method, giving the bees themselves the ability to remove the varroa mite that they may themselves be carrying. Also, do not add any more chemicals to the honey.

The bee gymnasium is a simple object, which must be placed inside the beehive in order to stimulate the bees to rub with it, getting rid of the varroa that would have stuck to their body. This instrument would consist of a kind of pole (see video) and a cable would be hung on each end of the pole. The instrument also has fins and scrapers on each post, having a dimension of 11 by 11 centimeters.

Here they come off the varroa

Bees use this instrument voluntarily, rubbing their backs and abdomens together to get rid of the varroa mites. After the detachment of the acro, it would fall by the weight of gravity into a sticky mesh, making it impossible for the varroa to return to the hive. Also, the sticky substance where the mites fall from the vase should be replaced and cleaned frequently.

This new invention, the bee gymnasium has been successfully tested by many beekeepers and beekeepers’ associations in the UK and other countries.

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Arch for Honey Bees

According to Stuart Rowth, beekeeper, lighting engineer and photographer with several inventions in his portfolio and creator of the gymnasium: “When I saw a bee with a varroa mite on its back, I was perplexed by the large size of the varroa compared to the bee. From this moment on I began to look for a solution to help the bees to get rid of themselves”.

Roweth began with a bow similar to a violin bow placed at the entrance to the hive. He quickly realized that the bees voluntarily used the wire to scrape themselves off the varroa. “It was at this point that the creator of this bee gymnasium realized that bees could help themselves in the fight against varroa.

He also added: “After seeing that most varroa mites cling to the abdomen of bees, he made small changes in his bow until he achieved the bee gymnasium and its placement inside the hive.

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Low cost and chemical free

Dr. Max Watkins, technical director of the Vita company in Europe, said, “We are very surprised and excited to see the bee fall and fall directly from the varroa mite to the varroa mite and the bee gymnasium inside the hive. Clearly, the bees are very happy to be able to use these gym wires and scrapers to help them get rid of their number one enemy, the varroa, on their own.

The bee gymnasium would be one more element in the integrated strategy for the control of varroa, being this object very useful, low cost and free of chemicals. Therefore, this bee gym allows us to better control the varroa at the same time and not add more chemicals to the honey.

Video of the Gymnasium of the bees:


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