Cantueso honey, is a natural product made by bees from the nectar of the lavender blossom, one of the most aromatic honeys alongside lavender, which belongs to the same family!

Best selection of honey of “Cantueso” (lavender).


  1. Our raw Cantueso honey
  2. Benefits and properties
  3. Recommendations
  4. Indications
  5. Origin

Summary: Lavender honey is one of the most aromatic and delicious honeys on the market. The lavender is a plant that belongs to the lavender genus and grows in a large part of the Iberian Peninsula. This honey is also available in our shop in Las Rozas de Madrid.

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1. Our raw cantueso honey

Firstly, we show you the most important characteristics of Cantueso-honey:

a) Color

This variety of honey, like lavender honey, has an amber or light amber or darker color. Lighter colours are due to a higher content of lavandin or Ajedrea (Satureja montana) and dark colours, due to the origin of myelates.

b) Aroma

Cantueso honey also has a high content of sucrose and maltose sugars, the latter is a disaccharide characteristic of all laviadas and provides an unmistakable and delicious aroma to these honeys.

In mouth the honey of Cantueso we appreciate sweet, fruity flavors with acid and persistent notes. If the honey is darker, we will find light salty notes.

c) Cantueso plant

The Cantueso also grows freely on the slopes and hills of the interior of the peninsula.

d) Flowering and harvesting

It flowers in summer, in July, so it is harvested at the middle and end of summer.

Next we show you a video where you can see the cantueso plant.

Video 1: Cantueso plant

e) Pollen

In our raw cantueso honey we will have mostly lavandula pollen stoechas. Although we can also find pollen of fabaceae, asteraceae, chupamieles and other miáceas.

f) Destination population

Furthermore, honey is aimed at the general public. However, we recommend medical supervision for children under 2 years old.

g) Useful life

In addition, organic cantueso honey can lose some characteristic from the age of two.

h) Gift of nature

Honey is also a gift of nature, which is extracted from nature without any living creature suffering.

i) Support for the Spanish countryside

Likewise, these honeys are produced by beekeepers who create employment and wealth in rural areas.

2. Benefits and properties

Cantueso honey is one of the honeys with the most beneficial properties for health. Cantueso honey, as honey in itself, has bactericidal, antiseptic and healing properties.

Components that contribute to lavender, potencies its bactericidal and antiseptic properties, used since ancient times to calm insect bites, sunburn and healing wounds, leaving them without scars. Other of its very common uses has been for its anti-diereal properties. Cantueso honey is ideal for curing flu, bronchitis and colds.

The Cantueso honey, especially when it is darker, is very rich in iron, very suitable for people suffering from anemia and tiredness. Finally, this honey helps you to fall asleep, reduces irritability, aggressiveness and daily stress.

3. Recommendations

Cantueso honey is an aromatic honey, delicious and with a persistent flavor, ideal for those who want a honey with flavor and strength.

Great cooks use it to pair fried foods, both salty and sweet and poultry sauces.

4. Indications

Cantueso honey crystallizes quite quickly with a very fine grain size, so we will normally always buy it solid.

5. Origin

The Cantueso honey is obtained from a beekeeper located in the Community of Madrid, who has his beehives placed throughout the northeast of the province.

Antonio Simón Madrid Organic

Table 1: Our beekeepers

6. History

The first written reference to the canutero plant is found in book III, chapter 29 of Discorides. The plant was originally called Sichas because it was found on certain islands in Marseilles called Stichades.

In the East they were called Stoichas because they grew on these islands, although they were found in many other parts of the Mediterranean basin. Stoichas also means lined in Greek.

In Madrid it was called the herb of St. John, and was one of the fragrant plants sold at this festive time.

7. Frequently asked questions

In addition, here you have frequently asked questions:

  • Is lavender honey the same as lavender honey?

No. Lavender is a type of lavender, so its aroma is very similar.

  • What other honeys come from medicinal plants?

Other honeys that come from medicinal plants are lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus and thyme honey.

8. More information

Below we show you the physical and chemical parameters that a cantueso honey must pass in order to fall into this category

Characteristics of Canthus honey
Colour (mm Pfund) Maximum 50 Humidity (%). Max. 18 Fructose + glucose: Minimum 60
Sucrose: Maximum 5 Electrical conductivity (mS/cm): minimum 0.5 Free acidity (meq/kg): Maximum 50
HMF (mg/Kg = ppm): Maximum 40 Diastasases (Schade Units): Minimum 8

Table 2: Directive 110/2001 EC, RD 1049/2003 in Spain.

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