Albaida honey comes from the flowers of the Albaida, the Anthyllis cytisoides in its scientific name, belonging to the Fabáceae family. A small bush that usually does not exceed one metre in height and grows along the Mediterranean coast.

The Albaida flowers in spring, although it can be shortened to lengthen depending on rainfall and temperature, and the flowering can be prolonged for several months. As a consequence, Albaida honey is early.

Our raw honey from Albaida

Raw honey from Albaida has a light amber colour. It can take on darker colours if it contains some myelates from a tree. In tasting, the taste and aroma are sweet and mild, with little persistence.

Video Albaida Flowers

Benefits and properties of this honey from Albaida

Albaida honey has bactericidal, antiseptic and healing properties due to its low moisture content, and its content of peroxidax enzymes that produce hydrogen peroxide, a great desiccant.

Components of Albaida provide this honey with antiasthmatic effects and digestive properties.

Recommendations of the honey of Albaida

We recommend this honey for those who are looking for very soft and delicate flavours from this product. This is one of the least intense raw honeys.

We recommend Albaida honey for desserts and sweets, such as biscuits, muffins and rice pudding.


The crystallization of Albaida honey is fast and crystallizes with a very fine grain size.


Our honey from Albaida is supplied by a beekeeper from Valencia.