The Albaida honey, is a natural product that is elaborated by the bees from the flowers of the Albaida. A soft and very delicate honey that is very popular!

Selection of high quality albaida honeys from Spanish beekeepers.


  1. Our raw Albaida honey
  2. Benefits and properties
  3. Recommendations
  4. Indications
  5. Origin

1. Our raw Albaida honey 

Firstly, we show you the most important characteristics of honey of albaida:

a) Color

The raw honey of Albaida has a chlorine amber color. It can take darker colors, if it contains some mielatos of some tree.

b) Aroma

In tasting it is appreciated a sweet and soft flavor and aroma, with little persistence.

c) The albaida plant

Likewise, the Albaida, the “Anthyllis cytisoides” in its scientific name, belonging to the family Fabáceae. is a small shrub that does not usually exceed one metre in height and that grows all along the Mediterranean coastline.

d) Flowering and harvesting

Albaida flowers in spring, although it may shorten to lengthen depending on rainfall and temperature. Therefore, its flowering can be prolonged for months. As a consequence, this honey is one of the first to be harvested.

Video Albaida Flowers

2. Benefits and properties 

This honey has bactericidal, antiseptic and healing properties due to its low moisture content, and its content of peroxidax enzymes that produce hydrogen peroxide, a great desiccant.

Components of Albaida provide this honey with antiasthmatic effects and digestive properties.

3. Recommendations 

We recommend this honey for those who are looking for very soft and delicate flavours from this product. This is one of the least intense raw honeys.

We recommend honey of Albaida for desserts and sweets, such as biscuits, muffins and rice pudding.

4. Indications

The crystallization of this honey is fast and crystallizes with a very fine grain size.

5. Origin

Our honey from Albaida is supplied by a beekeeper from Valencia.

Sala Higón Valencia No organic

Tabl 1: Our beekeepers

All our products have passed strict quality controls. We are familiar with your packaging rooms and ask you to analyse the honeys you sell.

6. Frequently asked questions

In addition, these areg the most frequent asked questions:

  • Is this honey smooth?

Yes, this is one of the smoothest honeys we have available.

7. More information:

The following are the chemical parameters that any albaida honey must have.

Chemical parameters
Colour (mm Pfund) Maximum 40 Humidity (%). Max. 18 Fructose + glucose: Minimum 60
Sucrose: Maximum 5 Electrical conductivity (mS/cm): minimum 0.3 Free acidity (meq/kg): Maximum 50
HMF (mg/Kg = ppm): Maximum 40 Diastasases (Schade Units): Minimum 8

Table 2: Directive 110/2001 EC, RD 1049/2003 in Spain

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