The carob honey, is a natural product that is elaborated by bees from the nectar of the flowers of the Algarrobo.  Unique honey with a very particular taste!

Best selection of carob honey which come from Spanish beekeepers.


  1. Our raw Carob honey
  2. Benefits and properties
  3. Recommendations
  4. Indications
  5. Origin

Summary: Carob honey is a unique honey with a very peculiar aroma. Furthermore, this honey is produced in areas with a Mediterranean climate and because it coincides with the flowering of other plants, it is not easy to obtain it every year. For this reason, this honey is not always available in our shop in Las Rozas de Madrid.

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1. Our raw carob honey

Firstly, we show you the most important characteristics of carob honey:

a) Color

Carob honey has a golden amber color, which when crystallized takes on a golden brown color.

Colores de la miel de algarrobo

Photo 1: Colour of carob honey

b) Aroma

Moreover, in tasting its smooth and pleasant aroma is appreciated, with very typical aromatic notes of the Algarrobo.

c) The carob tree

The Algarrobo,  “Ceratonia Siliqua” in its scientific name, and belonging to the fabaceous families. Furthermore, it is a tree native to the Mediterranean basin, evergreen and can reach up to 10 meters.

d) Flowering and harvesting

Moreover, It flowers in summer, so the honey is harvested in late summer.

Video 1: Carob flowers 

In addition, in this video we can see the carob tree and its flowers up close.

e) Location

The carob tree is found in areas with a warm climate and in subtropical areas. Therefore, on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. Carob plantations can also be found on the south-west coast of Portugal.

f) Pollen

Carob honey must contain at least 37 % Ceratonia siliqua.

Espectro polínico de la miel de algarrobo

Photo 2: Pollen spectrum of carob honey

g) Nature’s gift

Likewise, we obtain honey without any living being suffering. For this reason we can say that it is a gift of nature.

h) Support for the rural sector

Furthermore, these honeys come from farmers who provide employment and wealth in rural areas in Spain. Since one of our main objectives is to boost the potential of the rural world, too.

2. Benefits and properties of carob honey

Carob honey has properties common to all honeys. These properties are due to its low humidity, enzyme content and low acidity. Therefore, honey has been used for millennia for the following uses:

  • Constipations and throat infections: Helps to cure sore throats and other throat infections.
  • Healing of wounds: it helps to a fast healing and without mark.

We want to emphasize that these are properties that help healing, but it is not a medicine. Since only medicines according to Spanish law have the capacity to cure.

3. Recommendations 

This honey has a sweet and very pleasant taste, ideal for sweetening infusions and sweetening breakfast toasts.

4. Indications

The honey of carob crystallizes somewhat slowly.

5. Origin

The honey from Carob is supplied by our beekeeper in Valencia.

Sala Higón Valencia No organic

Table 1: Our beekeepers

6. FAQ

In addition, these are frequently asked questions:

  • When will you bring the carob honey?

Carob tree honey is very scarce and is not available every year. We have been waiting for a couple of years for our beekeeper to get it again.

7. More information:

Below you will also find the chemical requirements that carob honey must meet

Chemical parameters
Colour (mm Pfund) Maximum 49-80 Humidity (%). Max. 18 Fructose + glucose: Minimum 60
Sucrose: Maximum 5 Electrical conductivity (mS/cm): minimum 0.6 Free acidity (meq/kg): Maximum 50
HMF (mg/Kg = ppm): Maximum 40 Diastasases (Schade Units): Minimum 8

Table 2: Directive 110/2001 EC, RD 1049/2003 in Spain

In short, a unique honey in Spain that is not available every year. And for honey lovers, a honey that will not leave you indifferent.

“Finally, if you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Consequently, we will be happy to help you”.