Honey with Ginger is an organic multi-flower honey which has been mixed with powdered Ginger. A delicious honey ideal for those who want to take care of themselves in a natural way.

Best selection of honeys with ginger.


  1. Our raw honey with ginger.
  2. Benefits and properties
  3. Recommendations
  4. Indications
  5. Origin

1. Our honey with ginger

Honey with Ginger has a yellowish amber color. In tasting, the taste of ginger is clearly visible.

  • Rhizome

Ginger is a rhizome that has been cultivated by the Chinese for thousands of years because of its enormous properties. Pharmaceutical companies have also taken a keen interest in this natural product.

2. Benefits and properties

Honey is a natural product that provides us with nutrients for our organism. Nutrients that have been created by nature itself. To these we add those of the same ginger plant.

The best known and proven benefits of honey are the following:

  • Colds and throat infections: Honey promotes the healing of sore throats and other infections.
  • Wounds: Antimicrobial and antiviral effects help rapid and unmarked wound healing. It is also being used by hospitals in France and other parts of the world.

Ginger is a natural product with enormous health benefits. Next we are going to present you information about different research articles where their properties are explained:

In the article written in the scientific journal “Applied Science” and published by Susana Santos Prague in 2019, ginger has the following properties:

  • Anti-inflammatory and anelgesic properties: according to her tests, she demonstrated this property.
  • Dysmorrhea: Ginger helps to cure dysmorrhea.
  • Type 2 diabetes: Continued consumption of ginger has a very positive effect on people with type 2 diabetes.
  • Cancer prevention: After a study with our participant, we saw a very positive effect in the prevention of colon cancer. This seems to be, because ginger helps reduce inflammation of the colon
  • Other diseases: According to her, more research is needed to find other beneficial properties of this rhizome.

Therefore, honey with ginger is a natural food that gives us great health benefits according to the researcher.

3. Recommended Honey with Ginger

We recommend consuming this honey in the mornings on an empty stomach, so that the Ginger is eaten completely, and thus obtain all the benefits of this mixture so beneficial for our health.

In addition to taking it for breakfast and to sweeten milk and juices, you can prepare the following fantastic recipe against sore throat.

  • Honey Syrup with Ginger and Lemon

To cure colds in a natural and effective way you can prepare honey with lemon ginger. Or you can also dilute it with water.

4. Indications

This honey crystallizes quickly, so we will almost always find it solidified. If we want it to be liquid, we can put it in the bain-marie, but we recommend heating it as little as possible so that it does not lose its properties.

Also, it should be borne in mind that this honey has a strong flavor of Ginger, and if we use it in an infusion, can be left posos that would be ginger pulverized.

5. Origin

Our raw honey with ginger is brought from our beekeeper in Cadiz from Rancho Cortesano, who prepares these new and delicious recipes with honey, such as this and others such as: honey with cinnamon, propolis, royal jelly and cinnamon.