Today’s population is increasingly concerned about environmental problems, which is why ecological products and a lifestyle that is more respectful of our planet are gaining ground around the world. The news of climate change, the disappearance of animal and plant species, the enormous damage caused by the insecticides used by man, have awakened human consciousness and many people are buying organic honey.

Another of the reasons that lead us to choose organic products is health. Diseases such as cancer, allergies and other rare diseases that are beginning to emerge have started to emerge since the industrial revolution and in recent decades have begun to soar.

Eating organic products should not be just that, buying a natural product that costs more, but taking life with another philosophy. From a nutritional point of view, we should study very carefully what we eat. Following the Mediterranean diet, eating fresh and varied products, avoiding preservatives and pre-cooked products are steps that we must follow every day to take care of our health.

Another of the factors that impact our health is how we take life. A life in which we respect our neighbor, contemplate nature, relate to our family, friends and partners, avoid stress and take time out every day for our well-being and ourselves, will create a turning point in our life and health.

Raw organic honey

Organic honey is free from any chemicals and antibiotics that may be found in small traces in conventional honey. Organic honeys also undergo more stringent controls by official certification bodies, in accordance with national and European regulations.

More important that the honey is organic or not, is that the honey is of quality and not pasteurized, ie, we must buy a raw honey of the year. There is little sense in organic honey if it has been pasteurized or mixed with other substitutes, leaving a sweet syrup without any vitamin and enzymes that give us so many benefits to our health.

Our variety of organic and raw honeys in Madrid

All our honeys that we offer in our business have been obtained by small beekeepers from Spain and Europe, who are great lovers of nature and the work they do. We have visited all the beekeepers to ensure the quality of their honeys, but although it is true, organic honey is subject to greater and more demanding quality controls. The varieties of organic honeys we offer are the following.

Heather, chestnut, strawberry, multi-flower, oak and rosemary honey: The organic heather honey is obtained from an organic beekeeper in Cadiz who places his beehives year after year throughout the geography of the province, in the Natural Park of Sierra de Grazalema and in the Natural Park of Los Alcornocales.

Cantueso honey, chestnut, organic oak: These other organic honeys are obtained from another small beekeeper located in Madrid, Antonio Simón who has all his hives placed along the natural areas of the community of Madrid.

Price of organic honey

Organic honey tends to have a slightly higher price than conventional honey, as production costs, care and production losses are higher than for conventional honey.