Mountain honey is a natural product made by bees from nectar and myelates found by bees in the mountains. We could also say that it would be another forest honey. It also comes from forests in the mountains.

The best selection of mountain honey.


  1. Our raw montain honey
  2. Benefits and properties
  3. Recommendations
  4. Indications
  5. Origin

1. Our raw mountain honey

Firtsly, we show you important haracteristics of mountain honey:

a) Colour

This honey has a dark color, almost black when the honey is in liquid state. When it crystallizes, which it does very slowly, it acquires brown or greyish brown shades.

b) Aroma

The aroma of this honey is very intense and persistent, especially in the retronasal, and reminds the typical forests of Spain. Deciduous forests, humus and mushrooms accompanied with light touches of liquorice and mint. In the mouth, you can appreciate somewhat salty notes and bitter components, with more or less intensity depending on the origin of the honeydew collected by the bees.

Video about a mountain in Zamora.

c) Mountain Plants

Likewise, the  honey from montain comes from different trees; chestnut trees, holm oaks, oaks. It also tends to have floral sources such as blackberry flowers, brooms, thyme and rosemary.

d) Collection of mountain honey

Our honey is also harvested between August and September, when the trees release their mielatos. The myelates are rich in minerals, which is what gives the honey a less sweet taste and greater electrical conductivity. This is where it differs from other types of honey.

Therefore, mountain honey is dark, because of its high mineral content. Likewise, we can have dark honeys that don’t have to be honey fro mountain. Because the dark color of honey is taken by the type of pollen and nectar of the flowers. that sin.

2. Benefits and properties

Honey is a natural product that brings great benefits to our health. Between the two most private properties by researchers, beekeepers, we have the following:

  • Colds and throat infections: Due to its low pH, its high concentration of sugars and enzymes, honey has a great bactericidal power. For this reason, it is very good for fighting colds and sore throats.
  • Wound healing: The properties described above make honey a great helper in wound healing.

Also, mountain honey as honey from myelates is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are great allies in preventing degenerative diseases and delaying aging.

3. Recommendations

The honey from montains, like dark honey, is not very sweet, so we recommend it for those who want a less sweet honey with more powerful flavors.

It is ideal for making and pairing cold creams, red fruit sauces and dark chocolate desserts. It also goes well with spicy and spicy dishes.

4. Indications

The crystallization of this raw honey is generally very slow, and once crystallized it can crystallize with both coarse and fine granulometry. You will usually find it in a liquid state.

The food sources supplied by the mountain are very diverse each year, so your honey from ontain will have different touches each year.

5. Origin

Our raw honey from mountain is obtained from a beekeeper in Valencia.

“Finally, if you have any further questions. Consequently, we will be happy to help you”.