Honey with cocoa consists of a mixture of raw multiflora honey with cocoa. “A delicious food with great health properties”.

The best selection of honeys with cocoa.


  1. Ourhoney with cocoa
  2. Benefits and properties
  3. Recommendations
  4. Indications
  5. Origin
  6. Frequently asked questions

Summary: A fantastic food for adults and children made with top quality ingredients. This honey with cocoa is also available in our shop in Las Rozas de Madrid.

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1. Our honey with cocoa

Firstly, we show you the most important characteristics of Honey with cacoa:

a) Colour and aroma

Honey with cocoa has a dark brown colour, which is mainly due to the cocoa. In addition, the texture of this mixture is very smooth and creamy. When tasted, it has a very pleasant sweet flavour and aroma, the typical taste of chocolate.

b) Made with the highest quality ingredients

All the ingredients used are of the highest quality.

c) Handmade

The production methods of this sweet are completely handmade.

c) Support for the rural environment

In addition, the producers of this honey create employment and wealth in rural areas.

2. Benefits and properties

Raw honey is a natural product, and as a natural product it provides us with components from the nectar of the flowers. Also, cocoa is another natural product with many components, which are also good for our body, as we will document.

  • Therefore, cocoa is a very beneficial product for health, as indicated at the United Nations Conference on July 7, 2010. This conference is urgent, to spread the benefits of this product.
  • Also the scientific journal, Frontiers in Pharmacology and written by Becker, Geilser and other researchers, gave the following benefits to cocoa:
    • Anti-inflammatory properties
    • According to them, cocoa is also very beneficial for people suffering from gastrointestinal, nervous and carvdiovascular disorders. The reason for these properties is due to the great wealth of antioxidants that has the cocoa.
    • Also, according to this research, cocoa also has relaxing, anti-stress and appetite-opening effects.

In short, and according to European legislation, honey with cocoa can not be considered as a medicine, because if so, it would be sold by pharmacies. However, it is a completely natural food that brings us great health benefits. In addition, many of its components are also found in medicines.

  • Contraindications:

As a very energetic food we do not recommend to abuse it, since it will make us take enough kilos.

3. Recommendations

Honey with cocoa is so delicious that we can even take it alone. It is ideal to accompany toasts, sponge cakes and muffins. A very healthy substitution to other prefabricated foods found in the market.

4. Indications

Honey with cocoa is usually found crystallized and with a somewhat thick and creamy texture.

Another point that should be taken into account is its high calorific value, as both products are very calorific, so we have to be careful when consuming large amounts of it.

5. Origin

Secondly, we tell you where our beekeepers who supply us with this honey with  cocoa come from.

Sala Higón Valencia No organic

Table 1: Our beekeepers.

6. Frequently asked questions

In addition, we show you frequently asked questions:

  • Is cocoa honey and chocolate honey the same?

Each producer uses his own recipe, but in principle, there is little difference between honey with cocoa and honey with chocolate.

“For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Consequently, we will be happy to help you”.