Honey with Cinnamon is a multi-flower honey with powdered cinnamon mixed in. A delicious and very healthy sweet for every day!

The best selection of honey with cinnamon of the highest quality produced by Spanish beekeepers.


  1. Our raw honey with cinnamon
  2. Benefits and properties
  3. Recommendations
  4. Indications
  5. Origin

Summary: Honey with cinnamon is a fantastic product that brings us a lot of benefits. An ideal product for breakfasts and that you have available in our shop in Las Rozas de Madrid.

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1. Our raw honey with cinnamon

Firstly, we show you the most important characteristics of Honey with Cinnamon:

a) Top quality ingredients

This honey with cinnamon is made with top quality honey and cinnamon.

b) Artisan production

This product has been produced according to an artisan recipe.

c) Support for the rural environment

Beekeepers of this product create wealth and employment in their rural areas.

2. Benefits and properties 

In addition to the benefits of a quality honey, the benefits of Cinnamon are added, making this product a great bactericide and disinfectant, to fight against colds and colds.

In addition, Cinnamon has other magnificent properties: first, it stabilizes blood glucose levels, making it a very interesting property for diabetics; second, it helps us lose weight; third, it reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood.

3. Recommendations

Cinnamon honey is a sweetener that can be used for breakfast and to sweeten fusions.

Cinnamon honey is also ideal for making the following desserts and dishes:

  • Cinnamon and Honey Infusions
  • Cinnamon and honey muffins recipe
  • Apples with cinnamon and honey
  • Oranges with cinnamon and honey
  • Cinnamon and honey sponge cake
  • Biscuits with cinnamon and honey

You will also find many other recipes on the internet and in cookbooks to prepare with your honey cinnamon.

a) Honey coffee with cinnamon

Sweetening your coffee with cinnamon honey is one of our recommendations. A delicious and very healthy pairing.

4. Indications 

The honey with Cinnamon due to its cinnamon content and the crystallization of the honey, is in a solid state.

5. Origin

Our honey with cinnamon comes from our beekeeper in Cadiz, who produces a large number of innovative products.

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