Meloja as it is called in Andalusia or Arrope in the rest of Spain is a food prepared from honey and fruits that brought the Arabs to conquer Spain more than 100 years ago. A delicious and healthy delicacy!

Best selection of “Arrope” syrup.


  1. Production of arrope
  2. Recommendations for taking syrup
  3. Where to buy arrope?

Summary: The meloja or arrope, is a traditional dessert made with honey, which has many uses to accompany sweets and breakfasts. Also, in our shop in Las Rozas de Madrid you have at your disposal a large selection of top quality melojas.

1. Production of arrope

Firstly, we show your the most important caracteristics of Arrope:

a) How it is made

To make the meloja or syrup, put honey, water, soaked pumpkin to cook, cinnamon stick and a dried orange peel. It is a long and tedious process, which is worth buying already prepared.

a) Traditional production

Furthermore, these melosas have been made with top quality ingredients and following artisan methods.

b) Support for rural areas

In addition, the producers of this artisan confectionery create employment and wealth in rural areas.

c) Quality seals

Additionally. the following quality seals can be found on these products

2. Recommendations for taking syrup

Arpe or meloja is a traditional dessert that beekeepers have been making for hundreds of years. We recommend taking the meloja or arrope alone or accompanied with yogurt, fresh cheese, flan, ice cream, fruit, puff pastry, toasted bread, and so on. A delicious and very healthy dessert.

3. Where to buy arrope?

In our shop in Las Rozas de Madrid or online store has at your disposal different syrups and melojas made following different recipes. You will also find the largest and best varieties of raw honeys from Spain and Europe. All our products come directly from the beekeeper.

“Finally, if you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Consequently, we will be happy to help you”.