How often should you wash your hair

How often wash your hair

The care of our body, its hygiene and hydration is fundamental to maintain our healthy health, free of infections. The doubt arises how often we must subject our skin and hair to hygiene and how often we must moisturize it with natural or conventional cosmetic products. New trends imposed by the so-called “influencers” are recommending not to wash your hair and doctors specializing in the epidermis highlight the dangers of lack of cleanliness as its excess


  1. ?How often should you wash your hair
  2. What happen when you wash your hair everyday?
  3. Consequences of not washing your hair everyday
  4. The best shampoo for washing your hair everyday

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1. How often should you wash your hair?

Currently there is a movement that recommends not to wash your hair, ensuring that the hair itself is self-regulating and thus will grow stronger and more shiny. Let’s analyze this new trend

Defenders of this movement that go against the use of shampoo, are completely convinced. If we do not wash the hair with shampoo, and only wash it with a little water and nothing else, after a while until our hair readjusts its production of fat, our hair will shine brighter and be healthier.

According to the proponents of this trend, to achieve these fantastic results, we must have some patience. When you don’t wash your head, at first you grease your hair. After a few weeks without the use of shampoo, the scalp stops producing sebum and adapts itself to the lack of hygiene. This is the theory told to us by followers who go against the use of shampoo. Also, a daily brushing of the hair helps to spread the fat all over the hair, from the roots to the hair, while relieving the roots of excess fat.

a) It’s not an isolated phenomenon.

The phenomenon of “no shampooing” is no longer a phenomenon of rare and special people for years. Check for yourself now if you want and search YouTube, facebook or twitter for a keyword on this subject, millions of results will emerge. Thousands of people have tried it and teach it on all these online platforms, demonstrating how their hair has changed after leaving the shampoo or other cosmetic product.

Most of these supporters are completely convinced that the chemical ingredients found in shampoos, in the long term damage the hair and scalp. An example of this are the many women from all over the world who talk about it in their beauty videos on YouTube channels. As well as show business stars like Gwyneth Paltrow defend it. Supposedly, they must not have used any kind of shampoo for quite some time or only used it on exceptional occasions.

The twitter Ricarda with its youtube channel “Unpeudemoi” belongs to the well-known German speakers who defend these practices, her videos have almost 40,000 hits. As she comments in her tiwteer channel: “I used to be very skeptical about this new trend and didn’t think it would work”. In addition, the young blonde twitter added: “This was very rare for me not to use shampoo. I just massaged my head with the water from the shower. The hair at the base is greasy, but the fat is not visible.

2. What happen when you wash your hair everyday?

Some followers of this trend go even further, even avoiding totally washing their hair. In this case the fat produced by the body itself is gradually distributed from the roots to the rest of the hair. In numerous internet forums such as “Langhaarnetzwerk”, a forum in German, the sympathizers carry out these experiments, reaching six weeks without washing their hair”, this experiment was called “Bouton 99”. When it comes to this situation each person’s hair smells different, sometimes they add some aromatic oil, such as lavender oils, rosemary … to make it smell good.

Others wash their hair and body with water and avoid any cosmetic product, even natural cosmetics. The youtuber Hannah Dette uses with some exception of a case of force majeure, for two years not only any type of shampoo, deodorant, shower gel, toothpaste or any toilet paper: “The only thing she still uses is a bar of soap for the hands and feet,” she tells us on her YouTube channel. She responds to the skeptics who criticize her. “I don’t smell bad, water is enough.

In 2010, the New York Times published an article entitled “The Great Unwasched” in which it described this trend in the United States, about the madness of not washing, abandoning hygiene products, cosmetics and not using deodorant. Although it is also true that part of this trend is due to the rejection that has been created in society to the cosmetics industry and the ingredients used to make it, such as aluminum salts in deodorants.

Shampoo anti fall from Castillo de Peñalver

Photo 1. Anti-fall shampoo from Castillo de Peñalver

a) Our opinion

With the emergence of technology and its cheapening, anyone can make a good article, YouTube channel and convince millions of people. Also, if you have thanks and conviction, you will probably capture thousands of followers with little difficulty. On the other hand, celebrities and media people who without any knowledge, set trends that in many cases can be very harmful to people.

Not to wash your hair in weeks or not to use shampoo or cosmetic products in months, seems to me a great recklessness. Soap since it was discovered has saved millions of lives. If we don’t have hygiene, we encourage infections and diseases, and these can kill us. Like everything in life, excess is not good either, and over-washing is also negative, as we must always reach a balance.

Anyway, in our shop in Cortijuelo de San Benito de Las Rozas in Madrid we have selected natural cosmetics products based on honey, royal jelly, propolis and olive oil. high quality cosmetic products that care for,  protect your skin and for wash your hair. In our blog you can also find different recipes to make your own natural cosmetics products.

3. Consequences of not washing your hair

The positive effects of not using shampoo, hygiene products and cosmetics is widely discussed. One of the reasons given by the argument for not using shampoo is that by not washing the head, sebum production is self-regulating, but according to dermatologist Elmar Ehring of Münster in Germany: “This I do not believe to be true. The sebaceous glands have no sensors on the skin. However, this has never been proven whether the hair has enough fat or not. Whether the man should wash his hair every day or once a week, or whether we should abandon the shampoo.

Dermatologists recommend not to follow this trend of saving on shampoo, hygiene products and bath gels, as this will not strengthen the epidermis or make it more beautiful.

However, the dermatologist and successful writer Yael Adler with his book “Haut nah”, where he talks about this subject, said in an interview: “I shower with water and dry with a hand towel, but only the areas that smell bad, where you accumulate more sweat, armpits, hands or feet, I treat them with a gentle hygiene product.

Ehring added: “About a third of men have problems with dry skin. Older cloths may be the best alternative on most days of the week for moisturizing the skin. Moreover, men are not prepared for a daily shower. Evolution has not predicted that at some point in our history we will have a bathroom available at any time.

4. The best shampoo for washing your hair every day

In our shop in Las Rozas de Madrid we offer you different shampoos to wash your hair every day. We work with three cosmetic companies.

  • Hair Concept. Who recently brought out a new anti-fall shampoo and a strengthener
  • Olive cosmetics: This company offers a fantastic shampoo made with extra virgin olive oil, which leaves your scalp very moisturized and hair shiny very strong.
  • Castillo de Peñalver: The company Castillo de Peñalver offers us numerous shampoos, all of them made from raw honey. The shampoos that offer all of them of daily use are the following ones.
  1. Herbomiel shampoo. A fantastic natural shampoo made with honey and herbs
  2. Anti Hair Loss Shampoo: A fantastic natural hair loss shampoo with provitamin B5 and cappuccino.
  3. Anti-Grease Shampoo: A shampoo with honey, lime and burdock
  4. Anti-Casoa Shampoo: A natural shampoo made with honey, white nettle and rosemary.



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