The best olive oil 2016/17

el mejor aceite de oliva

Spain has historically been recognised as a geographical point for large volumes of olive oil production, doubling the average production to our nearest competitor, Italy. However Italy took all the medals and recognitions of having the best extra virgin olive oils.

In our Las Rozas shop in Madrid and our online shop you will find many of these extra virgin olive oils that have won these awards.

If you want tips on how to buy good olive oil, you can read Where to Buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The best olive oil in 2017

In recent decades, producers have wanted to move away from the role they had classed as simply wanting to produce volumes of olive oil. All the efforts made by cooperatives and oil mills are beginning to bear fruit, and our country is beginning to be categorised as one of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world. This is confirmed by numerous quality contests for our olive oils, which always occupy the top positions.

Below we show the results of the best extra virgin olive oils that have won the top 20 positions. As we can see, they occupy the majority of the top 20.

The World’s Best Olive Oils

In the 2016/17 edition of the “The World’s Best Olive Oils” classification, the best extra virgin olive oils in the world, 7 of the top ten Spanish olive oils occupy among the top 10 and figure 13 among the top 20.

In the select group of the 10 best also occupy more Spanish companies.

4º. Picual olive oil Family Reserve Oro Bailen Galgón 99 S.L.

5º. Morellana de Sucesores de Hermanos López S.A.

6º. Bravoleum Picual de Explotaciones Jame S.L.

8º. El Empiedro de la Olivarera la Purísima de Priego de Córdoba S.C.A.

Among the 20 best extra virgin olive oil in the world we also have six other Spanish.

12º. Knolive Epicure de Knolive oils S.L

13º. Tuccioliva de San Amador S.C.A.

14º. Parqueoliva Serie Oro de Almazaras de la Subbética S.C.A.

17º. Hispasu Gold of Knolive Oils S.L.

20º. Hispania Pajarero de Molino Virgen de Fátima S.L.

As we can see, Spanish extra virgin olive oils occupy a great dominion in world classifications.

Where to buy these extra virgin olive oils?

The extra virgin olive oil was considered as one more ingredient of the kitchen, without appreciating too much the different varieties and qualities. Now, a good extra virgin olive oil is appreciated by the majority of consumers, for this reason, we currently find a great variety of extra virgin olive oils in large supermarkets, gourmet shops and even specialised shops such as ours.

Our shop in Cortijuelo de San Benito is located in Las Rozas in Madrid and here you can buy the best extra virgin olive oils in Spain. We also offer a wide variety of other olive oils from different parts of Spain: Baena, Sierra de Cazorla, Sierra Magina, Priego de Córdoba, Montes de Toledo and Valencia. Our other great variety is raw honey and olives.

The best olive oils in supermarkets

The big distribution brands: Hacendado, Hojiblanca, Carbonel and others, are extra virgin olive oils with very fair qualities that have nothing to do with the real extra virgin olive oils of the great majority of cooperatives or oil mills in Spain. Only one has to go to one of them, buy a bottle, smell it and taste it. A very different product to what you buy in a supermarket.

A few years ago, the non-governmental organization OCU drew up a list of the best and worst extra virgin olive oils common in supermarkets. Many of them, sold as extra virgin olive oils, were in fact only virgin or lampante. Lampante oils are not recommended for consumption.

The culture of olive oil is gradually becoming established in the Spanish market, so we can find great oils in supermarkets or specialized gourmet shops. The so-called extra virgin olive oils premiun.



Revista Mercacei. Almazaras de la Subbética, S.C.A. arrasa en la edición 201/17 de “World Best Olive Oils”. 7 de julio del 2017.

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