The 5 best Denominations of Origin of Olive Oil

the best denominations of origin in Spain

In the Cortijuelo de San Benito we have made a selection of the best Denominations of Origin of olive oil following criteria of quality, good treatment, variety and good service. It is clear to us that all the Denominations are doing a fantastic job, promoting our extra virgin olive oil and the Spain brand all over the world.

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Among the very numerous Denominations of Origin that currently exist in Spain we have selected five, but with this we do not want to discredit the rest, we just want to mention the good work that these 5 Denominations are doing. You may also be interested in our following article: Selection of the best olive oil

The Denominations of Origin that we have selected are the following:

The best Denominations of Origin in Spain

1. The Sierra Magina Denomination of Origin

The first thing we would like to highlight about the Sierra Magina Denomination of Origin is the fantastic work they have been doing for years to make their extra virgin olive oils known. Participating in national and international exhibitions, carrying out gastronomic events in places of prestige and great affluence, giving tastings and talks to associations and groups.

The results are already beginning to be recognized; many of its brands with the Sierra Magina Denomination of Origin are found in the best shop windows in Spain and around the world, the best chefs use them to prepare their best dishes and the most important of all, they already occupy a prominent place on the tables of many families.

However, the most outstanding of all are the extra virgin olive oils produced in the Sierra Magina region and the villages covered by this Denomination. The extra virgin olive oil of the picual variety of Sierra Magina in Jaén is an oil of extraordinary quality. The Sierra de Magina in Jaén, where the fruit develops, confers different aromas and characteristics to the typical picual oil, that is to say, a powerful, balanced oil with intense fruity aromas.

The cooperatives and olive mills of Sierra Magina are taking all their know-how and passion to the extreme, producing early harvest extra virgin olive oils, oils of even higher quality. The early harvest consists of making extra virgin olive oil from olives harvested in October, which are collected from the flight, have not been in contact with the soil. Early harvest increases the quality and fruitiness of the oil

Finally, we would like to stress another positive aspect of this Denomination of Origin, the good attention it gives. If you have any questions, information or help from a bottler, salesman or seller of olive oil from Sierra Magina, the employees of this Denomination will advise you with great efficiency and gratitude.

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2. The Denomination of Origin of Priego de Córdoba

The most striking thing about the Denomination of Origin of Priego de Córdoba is the spectacular quality of its extra virgin olive oils. It is not only we who say it, who taste it often, it is also said endlessly by organisms that classify it among the best in the world. The olive oils of Priego de Córdoba are soft oils with an intense fruity intensity, especially with freshly cut grass and fig tree.

Like many of the Denominations of Origin, they are making a great effort to promote their olive oils, participating in national and international fairs, carrying out tastings and courses, promoting the culture of olive oil in schools, etc. This work gives its results, finding us its oils in the best shop windows, being recognized by the best chefs in the world and being by the general public a point of reference of quality.

Another of the many things that stand out about the Denomination of Origin of Priego de Córdoba, at least from the outside, is the close collaboration between the farmers, packers, sellers and the members of this Denomination. All walk in the same direction with a single objective, that the extra virgin olive oils of Priego de Córdoba are recognized as the excellence of the extra virgin.

3. The Designation of Origin of Sierra de Cazorla

In third place, we named the Sierra de Cazorla appellation of origin, a denomination that has a unique and spectacular oil, the Royal extra virgin olive oil.  This soft olive oil with its unique aroma and flavour makes the Designation of Origin of Sierra de Cazorla shine with its own light. Also this Denomination of Origin has under its protection the picual variety, with small nuances that the differences of the oils of Sierra Magina.

The effort it makes to make itself known, through tastings, talks and participation in numerous national and international fairs, is achieving a place in a world as competitive as that of olive oil.

4. The Denomination of the Mountains of Toledo

The Designation of Origin of the Montes de Toledo, although it is a smaller and younger Designation of Origin than another, occupies a very prominent place within the Designations of Origin of olive oil in Spain. One of the most widespread varieties in Spain, Cornicabra, is produced in the Montes de Toledo. The cornicabra variety, a powerful oil with intense and fruity flavour and aromas, is of excellent quality in the municipalities covered by the Designation of Origin.

A Denomination that has arrived a little later or at least has started to move later than others, is getting its batteries and achieving great oils that are beginning to have great recognition worldwide and nationally.

5. The Baena Denomination of Origin

The Baena Designation of Origin, although one of the first to be created, stands out from the rest of the Designations of Origin. In it we find unique olive oils, natural coupages of varieties such as picual, picual, picudo and hojiblanca.

In recent years it has lagged behind in the promotion of its olive oils, but now it is once again carrying out major promotional campaigns and is putting its oils back on the map, as they deserve.



Deno inations of Orgin in Spain, from the best denominations of Origin in the Spain Info

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