Reasons to consume Royal Jelly

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Royal jelly is a fantastic food provided by bees. In the hive, it is only consumed by the queen bee, and this makes her live up to 3 years, compared to the rest that do not live more than three months. In humans, its consumption provides us with a large number of health benefits. It is also in great demand in natural  cosmetic.


  1. Properties of royal jelly
  2. How to consume royal jelly

Summary: Jelly is a product produced by bees that provides us with many health benefits. It can be taken directly or used in the production of creams, soaps and gels. You can also find fresh royal jelly in our shop in Las Rozas de Madrid.

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1. Properties of royal jelly

Royal Jelly consists mainly of peptides (nitrogenous matter), lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins B complex (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, BB and B9), in smaller amounts vitamin A, C, D and E, minerals, trace elements: calcium, copper, iron, phosphorus, potassium, sicillium and sulphur, hormones, enzymes and substances that have not yet been discovered.

An unsaturated fatty acid has been found in Royal Jelly, the 10hydroxy-decenoic with antifungal, antibacterial and antigerminative properties.

Royal Jelly, a food that turns a bee into a queen bee, larger than a worker bee and extends its life until it is six years old compared to the 30 or 40 years of age of a worker bee, has many benefits for our organism and are the following:

  1. Stimulant: Royal Jelly is a great stimulant for our organism, giving us a feeling of greater vigour and well-being.
  2. Circulatory system: It increases blood pressure in hypotensive patients.
  3. Digestive system: It improves hepatic activity, regulates intestinal functions and increases appetite due to its vitamin PP content.
  4. Nervous system: stimulates physical and interactive activities, providing relaxation and tranquillity and is an antidepressant.
  5. Liver: can protect and stimulate liver activity and fat digestion.
  6. Heart: strengthens the tone of the heart muscle, dilates the coronary vessels and balances blood pressure. Used in the treatment of arteriosclerosis.
  7. Diabetes: may eliminate insulin resistance and thus control blood glucose levels.
  8. It helps to increase longevity, vitality of people and activates the functioning of sexual organs.

Photo 1: Regenerating cream with royal jelly and elastin

2. How to consume royal jelly

Royal jelly is indicated for anyone, adults, children, the elderly and pregnant women. It is recommended to take a quarter of an hour fast every morning before breakfast for 20 or 30 days and repeat the treatment two or three times a year, at times of change of season.

Royal jelly can be found mixed with other products, such as honey with royal jelly or in capsules, the latter are usually found in pharmacies. However, the best way to take it is raw, since it is usually mixed with honey or in capsules, it is usually royal jelly that has been manipulated in order to prolong its conservation. In these handling processes, royal jelly loses many of its vitamins and beneficial compounds.

The recommended daily dose for adults is one gram and half a gram for children. It can be taken pure or mixed with honey and for better absorption, dissolve it preferably under the tongue, so it will be absorbed directly by the mouth mucosa and will not be degraded by the digestive juices of the stomach and intestine.

Royal Jelly should be kept in the refrigerator in a cool, dry place.

In our physical shop in Las Rozas de Madrid you can find fresh royal jelly. We only sell in the physical store and not online. Also, as we are party to the highest purity of products, we do not sell honey with royal jelly.


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Tips to consume royal jelly

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