Propolis are resins from trees and plants collected by bees, to which they add enzymes. Bees use propolis to disinfect their hive, to cover foreign bodies that cannot be removed from the hive due to their weight and to cover small holes in the hive.

The best selection of propolis.


  1. Benefits and properties
  2. Contraindications
  3. Where to buy it?
  4. How to take it?

1. What are propolis?

Propolis are plant and tree resins collected by bees, to which they add their own secretions.

a) Common uses

First of all, the most common use we give to propolis is to disinfect the throat. Therefore, whenever one has any throat discomfort, one should put a few drops of propolis in the throat. Because propolis will help you to get rid of throat infections.

It has also been traditionally used to disinfect wounds. Its use is very simple, once the wound is washed, pour propolis on it.

b) Use by bees

Likewise, bees use propolis to plug holes in the hive, avoid vibrations, mummify intruders that entered the hive and cannot be expelled due to their size. In this way they avoid their putrefaction and the appearance of infections. Also, to disinfect the entrance to the hive and the cells where the new bees are born.

2. Our propolis

We currently work with different beekeepers who supply us with propolis. Below we will give a more specific description of each one of them.

Propolis extract with alcohol by Antonio Simón

Below we show you the most important characteristics of this product:

a) Method of production:

Said propolis tincture has been obtained from raw propolis coming from their beehives.

b) Production area:

Antonio Simón has placed all his hives in the Autonomous Community of Madrid. It seems that he has also placed them in other parts of the Iberian Peninsula.

c) Allergens:

Because propolis is a completely natural product, it contains pollens that are present in the environment. For this reason, one should be wary of allergies.

d) Shelf life:

This tincture maintains all its properties for at least three years.

3. Benefits of propolis

Propolis is used by bees to disinfect and keep their hives free of pathogens. In my experience, these properties also work in the human body. For this, we recommend the following:

  • When you have a sore throat or discomfort, put a few drops or spray into your mouth.
  • We also use it on wounds. For them, we apply it directly to the wound as a disinfectant.

My experience has been very positive as well as for most of my clients. However, I cannot advertise this as a property, as only drugs approved by a pharmacist can ensure this. In addition, there is an extensive biography that certifies the above, as well as many other positive effects on our health.

4. Contraindications

You should be careful if you are allergic to it, so we recommend for the first time, lie a little on your arm and see if it causes any allergies.

5. Where to buy it?

Propolis can easily be found in the following stores:

  • Directly from a beekeeper.
  • In shops specialising in honey, such as our physical shop in Las Rozas in Madrid.
  • In herbalists
  • In internet shops.

You will also find propolis in many cosmetic products, one of their ingredients.

6. How to take it

Its mode of use is very simple, and it can be used to disinfect both internal and external wounds and to remove itching from the throat. It must be removed before use.

This propolis canister is provided with a spray, both for wounds and throat itching, to pour the propolis dye over the area to be disinfected.

“Finally, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help you.”