The arbutus honey is a natural product that is elaborated in the stomach of the bees from the nectar of the flowers of the madroño.

Best selection of arbutus honey.


  1. Our raw Arbutus honey
  2. Benefits and properties
  3. Recommendations
  4. Indications
  5. Origin

1. Our raw arbutus honey 

Firstly, we show you the most important characteristics os arbutus  honey:

a) Color

This honey has a dark color, which when crystallized becomes reddish brown, pulling towards the brown.

b) Aroma

Its aroma is very peculiar, being one of the most bitter honeys found on the market, and more bitter the fresher it is. The bitterness of this honey is due to the heterosides, an active principle that has an antiseptic action urinary and genital.

c) Crystallization

The strawberry honey has a rapid crystallization and sometimes creates two phases for a higher moisture content.

d) Tree or arboretum shrub

Also, the arbutus is a shrub that usually does not exceed 5 meters and grows in the areas of the Mediterranean climate.

e) Flowering and harvesting

Unlike other common honeys, honey from Madroño is very scarce and difficult to produce. In addition, it usually coincides with other blooms. Moreover, we have only found one beekeeper in Cadiz to produce it.

The Madroño flowers at the end of summer, and the honey is obtained at the end of summer and the beginning of autumn.

Next we show you a video about the strawberry tree

Video on the arbutus tree

f) Pollen

The pollen contained in this honey is mostly from the humid arbutus. Although we can find pollen from heather, cistáceas, fabáceas and asteráceas.

g) Useful life

Such honey may lose some characteristic after two years. One of the characteristics it loses is its bitterness.

h) Destination population

This honey is suitable for the general public. However, for children under two we recommend the supervision of your doctor. Due to the bitterness of this honey, small children may not like it.

2. Benefits and properties

The honey of strawberry tree is a natural product very beneficial for the health. According to popular wisdom, it gives us great properties for two fundamental reasons: Firstly, because of its low water content, high sugar concentration and enzyme content. Secondly, to components found in the pollen and nectar of strawberry tree.

We have also compiled evidence from different scientific journals. Evidence collected below:

  • According to research from two universities in Spain (Granada and Vigo) and an Italian university, this honey has properties against colour cancer.
  • According to the article published in the journal “Internatonal journal of molecular science”, strawberry tree honey inhibits the growth of colon cancer cells. This could be due to its antioxidant and phytochemical properties.
  • Also the previous article, gives to the honey of strawberry tree greater bactericidal and antioxidant properties that to the mile of manuka. Therefore, this honey will help to prevent colds, throats pains and what is more important. Also this honey prevents us from degenerative diseases such as cancer.

With this we do not certify properties, since the only organism that can certify a property to a product is a pharmaceutical company. Therefore, strawberry blossom honey is not a drug.

Also, there are other properties that have demonstrated the experience of the years, which gives us the strawberry tree. Benefits that, logically, should also provide us with this honey.

3. Recommendations 

This honey is a honey with a bitter touch, which subtracts considerably the sweetness that gives any honey, so it is ideal for lovers of bitterness.

Great cooks use this honey to pair cheeses, chocolate mousse and give a very special touch to the coffee. The bitterness of the coffee with the bitterness of the honey of Arbutus combines very well.

This honey is usually used in the combination and elaboration of vinegar creams, giving them a powerful and fine taste.

4. Indications

Our honey of arbutus usually crystallizes very quickly and with a coarse grain size, so it is likely to always be crystallized.

5. Origin

Arbutus honey is obtained from various beekeepers in Spain, which are as follows:

  • Antonio Simón: a beekeeper located in Madrid, which produces organic strawberry tree honey.
  • Rancho Cortesano: Beekeeper located in Jerez, in Cadiz. The honey has conventional or organic strawberry tree. It has one or the other depending on the year.

We know our beekeepers as well as the rest of the beekeepers we work with. We have visited their facilities, packing rooms and beehives. Therefore we are sure that we sell quality products without any kind of manipulation. Real honey.

6. Where to buy arbutus honey?

Arbutus honey is a magnificent honey that is not easy to find. It can only be found in specialised shops and in some online shops.

a) In Madrid

In Madrid, we are one of the few places where you can find it. We can also send it to your home whenever you wish.

On the other hand, it is curious that in the province of Madrid they have as a symbol the bear and the strawberry tree. In Madrid there have been no bears for centuries, and the number of strawberry trees is very small.

b) Other provinces: Cádiz, Málaga, Granada, Cádiz (Grazalema)

These are the provinces where it is easiest to find this honey, as this is where the greatest quantity is produced. Shop in the Sierra de Grazalema in Cádiz, where the strawberry tree is found the most.

c) On amazon

In the e-commerce shop you can also find it.

7. History

The first writings about the strawberry tree are found in chapter 138 of book I of Discorides, where he speaks of its virtues.

Also, the bear and the strawberry tree is the symbol of the community of Madrid. The monument is located in the Plaza de Sol.

8. Frequently asked questions

In addition, these are the most comon questions:

  • Is this honey very bitter?

This honey, together with almond honey, is one of the most bitter. It has a slight bitterness, but not too much. However, this is my opinion, everyone will find it more or less bitter.

  • Don’t you sell it in a larger format?

Arbutus honey is scarce and currently, our beekeepers who produce this honey only sell it to us in 500g formats.

  • What is the best strawberry tree honey?

Of all the beekeepers we have found who supply strawberry tree honey, for us, the best strawberry tree honey is supplied by Antonio Simón and Rancho Cortesano.


Abc Newspaper “Arbutus tree honey slows cell multiplication in colon cancer”. May 17, 2019

“Finally, if you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Consequently, we are happy to help you.”