The honey with nuts, is a honey normally of orange blossom or multifloral that has been added different nuts, of a type or several at the same time. The nuts added to our honeys are the following: hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, pine nuts and truffles.

1. Our raw honey with nuts 

Our raw fruit honey is quality honey, i.e. raw or pure, as it is colloquially called, to which quality nuts have been added.

The aroma and taste of nuts is enhanced with that of honey, resulting in a delicious and healthy sweet.

2. Benefits and properties of honey with nuts

The honey with nuts is a natural product that will provide you as much the nutrients of the honey as of the nuts. Also, as the positive effects of both natural products.

Therefore, honey has the following benefits:

  • Bactericide and antimicrobial: These properties help to cure colds and other throat infections. This is due to their low water content and enzymes.
  • Wound healing: For the same reasons as above, honey helps unmarked healing.
  • With regard to nuts, we have found the following scientific sources that speak of such a natural product:

According to a scientific article by Emilio Ros in 2010 in the scientific journal “Nutrients”. Here he gives the following benefits to nuts:

  • It reduces the incidence of heart problems. This is because nuts contain monounsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants. Both compounds are very beneficial for the heart.
  • Positive effects against cancer, hypertension and inflammations: He believes that there is clear evidence that nuts fight these health problems.
  • Blood pressure: He also found clear evidence that regular consumption of nuts reduces blood pressure.
  • Weight loss: Also a regular consumption of nuts helps weight loss. However, we should not abuse them, as they are very calorific.

However, if you want more information on each type of nut, you can find it on our blog.

3. Recommendations for honey with nuts

Honey with nuts and dried fruit is so delicious, you can have it plain and simple. We recommend it to prepare toast and to accompany biscuits and muffins.

4. Indications

Honey does not expire, but nuts do have an expiration date and can become rancid. Those covered with honey are fine, but because the density of the nut is lower, the nuts closest to the surface can come into contact with the air and therefore become rancid. If the nut has a rancid taste or smell, discard this top layer of honey with nuts.

5. Origin

Our honey with nuts is obtained from the following beekeepers, who themselves prepare this mixture: from our beekeeper in Cádiz, from our beekeeper in Córdoba and finally from our beekeeper in Valencia.

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