The carob honey, is a natural product that is elaborated by the bees from the nectar of the flowers of the Algarrobo, “Ceratonia Siliqua” in its scientific name, and belonging to the fabaceous families.

1. Our raw carob honey

Carob honey is a very rare but unique honey. Characteristics that we are going to see next:

  • Color

Carob honey has a golden amber color, which when crystallized takes on a golden brown color.

  • Aroma

In tasting its smooth and pleasant aroma is appreciated, with very typical aromatic notes of the Algarrobo.

  • The carob tree

The Algarrobo is a tree native to the Mediterranean basin, evergreen and can reach up to 10 meters.

  • Flowering and harvesting

It flowers in summer, so the honey is harvested in late summer.

Video of carob flowers

2. Benefits and properties of carob honey

Carob honey has properties common to all honeys. These properties are due to its low humidity, enzyme content and low acidity. Therefore, honey has been used for millennia for the following uses:

  • Constipations and throat infections: Helps to cure sore throats and other throat infections.
  • Healing of wounds: it helps to a fast healing and without mark.

We want to emphasize that these are properties that help healing, but it is not a medicine. Since only medicines according to Spanish law have the capacity to cure.

3. Recommendations 

This honey has a sweet and very pleasant taste, ideal for sweetening infusions and sweetening breakfast toasts.

4. Indications

The honey of carob crystallizes somewhat slowly.

5. Origin

The honey from Carob is supplied by our beekeeper in Valencia.