Almond honey is a natural product that is made by bees from the nectar of the flowers of the Almond, “Prunus amygdalus” in its scientific name, belonging to the family of Rosaceae.

1. Our Raw Almond Honey

Almond honey  is a little known honey, but very desired for lovers of bitterness. Among the most outstanding properties of this honey, we have:

  • Color

Raw Almond honey has a very light color, with yellowish tones, when crystallized takes a whiter color keeping its yellow tones.

  • Aroma

In tasting you can appreciate its sweet taste with bitter notes. This honey together with that of strawberry tree, are the most bitter of Spanish origin. Also, in the mouth its flavor is discovered persist with fruity aromas reminiscent of raw almonds.

The bitter taste is due to a component found in this honey, the amygdalin.

Video about the almond tree

  • The almond tree

The Almond tree is a small fruit tree that can reach up to 5 meters high, very resistant to drought conditions and poor soils, typical of the Mediterranean climate.

Almond honey is one of the first to be made by bees, if they have them as a source of food.

  • Flowering and harvesting

The almond tree is one of the first trees to bloom. It flowers in early spring, from February to March, when late frosts are common. For this reason they are usually grown in coastal areas, where there is less risk of frost.

For this reason, their honeys are also one of the first to come out.

2. Benefits and properties

La miel de almendro es un producto fantásticos que nos aporta mucho más que un sabor dulce. Debido a sus su composición y características, dicha miel posee las siguientes propiedades:

  • Catarros y otras infecciones respiratorias: Ayuda a curar catarros y dolores de garganta.
  • Cicatrización de heridas: Tiene un efecto muy positivos en la curación de heridas. Asimismo, ayuda a que no queden cicatrices.

En resumen, remarcamos que la miel es un producto natural que favorece nuestra salud. Sin embargo, la miel no es un medicamento según la ley española. Ya que sólo las farmacéuticas pueden otorgar propiedades a los productos.

Likewise, and according to popular wisdom, components of Almond Nectar help in digestion. This honey is very beneficial for the liver and blood circulation.

3. Recommendations for Almond Honey

Almond honey is a honey with a touch of bitterness, so it is ideal for people looking for these characteristics.

Prestigious chefs use this honey in their recipes for ravioli with cheese, and the preparation of sauces for meat dishes.

4. Indications

Raw almond honey crystallizes slowly with a very fine grain size. We’ll usually find it liquid.

5. Origin

Our raw almond honey comes from a beekeeper in Valencia.