Properties of eggs

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Eggs, a very versatile food in cooking and cosmetics. In cooking, it is used to make a large number of dishes. In cosmetics, it is also widely used to make a large number of natural cosmetic products. It is also a food that has been criticised by nutritionists, who now recommend its consumption. However, let’s take a look at what the new research now says about the properties of eggs.


  1. Properties of eggs
  2. Eggs and weight loss
  3. Egg properties for hair
  4. Fake eggs from China

Summary: Eggs are a highly nutritious food with great health benefits. It also has many uses in cooking, in cosmetics and can help you lose weight. We also have a fantastic selection of natural creams and gels for your daily care.

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1. Properties of eggs

Currently, the scientific community and nutritionists have found no relationship between egg consumption and weight gain or cardiovascular problems. On the contrary, eggs have many benefits for our health as we will see later.

a) Protein wealth:

The egg is low in calories 75 Kcal per egg and its protein richness is very high both in its albumen and in the yolk.  The egg is rich in sulphur amino acids and less in lysine, all of which are important for growth, tissue formation and antibodies.

b) Rich in vitamins and minerals:

The egg contains remarkable amounts of vitamin A, B2, Biotin, B12, D, E and K. And minerals such as phosphorus, selenium, iron, iodine and zinc, all of which are essential to protect and maintain a healthy body. In addition, some of them are antioxidants, which protect us against degenerative diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular.

c) Source of lutein and zeaxanthin:

Lutein and zeaxanthin are pigments that cannot be synthesized by our organism, and they work at the ocular level and could defend us according to new research against ocular diseases such as cataracts or ocular degeneration.

d) The egg and cardiovascular diseases:

According to numerous studies carried out by researchers at Harvard, the Harward School of Public Health and Yale University, they have found no link between egg consumption and increased cardiovascular problems.

In addition, in 2011 the European Journal of Nutrition published an article demonstrating that eggs do not contribute to an increase in cardiovascular disease.

2. The egg and slimming:

According to the study carried out by the University of Missouri (USA), eggs, being rich in proteins, increase the feeling of satiety and help us to control our appetite. Therefore, when we feel satiated, we eat less and do not bite before eating, as a consequence weight loss is favored.

Photo 1: Properties of eggs and olive oil for hair

3. Egg properties for hair

The egg apart from being a nutritious and delicious food, also has other uses in the world of cosmetics, especially for hair.

The egg is rich in proteins, which help to strengthen the hair function of the hair root, fundamental to have a strong and healthy hair. Also, the raw egg acts as a moisturizer, conditioning the hair.

a) Homemade recipe:

Beat an egg as if it were to prepare a French omelette. Add a spoon of extra virgin olive oil to this egg.

b) Instructions for use:

First you should wash your hair with your usual shampoo. Once the hair has been washed, spread the fingertips with the homemade egg recipe and spread the mixture by massaging until all the hair is covered with the mixture. After about 20 minutes, wash the hair as usual. If the hair has become a little greasy, wash the hair again. You will see how the hair gains strength and vigor after doing this treatment several times.

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4. Fake eggs from China

The counterfeit eggs from China never cease to amaze us. Now it has come to my attention, and I have checked it against media articles, that China also counterfeits eggs. Yes, as you read it, eggs that look like chicken eggs but do not come from a hen.

These eggs are harmful to health, because instead of using natural protein, they replace it with products such as alumina, aluminium oxide, sodium alginate, calcium chloride, sodium benzoate and gelatine. The yolk is obtained by giving it tartrazine and the shell is made of calcium carbonate.

As is often the case, cheap is expensive and in this case, harmful to health.


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