Photos of sunsets in Cádiz

Foto de un atardecer en Cádiz

Cadiz is a beautiful land, with a spectacular landscape, gastronomic and cultural culture. In Cadiz one cannot miss: its beaches, its sunsets and sunrises, the route of the white villages, the Roman ruins of Baelo Claudia, the shows with Andalusian horses, the wines of Jerez, Pedro Ximenez, its extra virgin olive oil and its raw honeys.

All the products you can buy in El Cortijuelo de San Benito in Las Rozas de Madrid and in our online store, have a history. We make known their lands, their people, their landscapes. There is nothing more pleasant than watching a sunset on the beaches of Cadiz.

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Photo of sunsets on the beach of Valdelagrana

The beaches of the coast of light, the beaches of Cadiz, are recognized worldwide as the best and most beautiful in Europe. Paradise beaches, kilometres of fine white sand, with crystal clear waters, half virgin beaches that have not become overcrowded and where you can lie down without having to stick to your neighbour, as long as the west accompanies you, the fresh and humid wind that comes from the Atlantic Ocean. A wind that makes you feel paradise and forgets the suffocating heat of August.

Another of the wonders that Cádiz hides are its aterdeceres. With the fall of the sun, Cadiz is an even more special place, as its skies are dyed with orange and violet colours, which together with the setting wind, body and mind open up and blend with the harmony and balance of the sea.

However, these situations are not so pleasant when the Levante blows, the Levante drags the heat and the dryness of the interior of Cadiz, turning its beaches into deserts, where the sand dragged by the wind goes everywhere and it bites when it hits the skin. this only happens when it touches the Levante.

Summer 2016 in Cádiz

The following photos were taken in the summer of 2016, and the one below is taken in Puerto Sherry, in Puerto de Santa Maria. To the right you can see the Murallas beach, one of the most protected when the east wind blows.

Photo 1: Puerto Sherry, Cádiz.

This one is from sunset on the beach of Valdelagrana. The skies were very clear as the east wind washes away all the humidity and clouds.

Photo 2: Valdelagrana Beach, Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz.

Another photo of Valdelagrana beach with the sun about to disappear.

Photo 3: Valdelagrana Beach, Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz.

Photos of spectacular sunsets in Puerto Sherry

Puertp Sherry is another of the beach places that one should visit. The beach of Puerto Sherry, the wall is a small beach that in the days of east wind, is the best option to go, because it is quite protected from such winds.

The beach of the wall is a small but charming beach. If you are going to spend some day on this beach, it is very pleasant to dine or eat something in one of the restaurants that are facing the sea. It is spectacular to have lunch or dinner, with the smell of the sea, the sound of the waves and the infinite views of the ocean.

This photo was also shot in Puerto Sherry, when the sun was about to disappear.

Photo 4: Puerto Sherry, in Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz.

This photo was taken almost at night and you can see the illuminated seafront.

Photo 5: Valdelagrana beach promenade, Puerto de Santa María.

Photos of sunset in Cádiz

At the end of the sunset, my camera was able to take the last pictures before everything went dark. This was the end of my photo session of the beaches of Cadiz.

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