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Extra virgin olive oil of Prados de Olivo 5 l

The philosophy of our shop is to always give the best quality at the best price. We are always looking for quality, since competing with the big discounts of the department stores does not make sense, because for that we should lower our quality. Among the products we always have at a very low price, are our carafes of extra virgin olive oil and honey of a thousand flowers. Apart from other promotions that we can have at any time of year.


  1. Good price throughout the year
  2. Specific seasonal promotions
  3. Christmas Promotions
  4. Bulk discounts
  5. Current promotions

Summary: We also offer you the best brands of olive oil at the best price. Brands like: Castillo de Canena, Casas de Hualdo, Oro Bailen, Oro del Desierto, etc. You may also be interested in our

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1. Good price all year round

As a shop specializing in extra virgin olive oil, olives and honey, we always have a product of each reference at a very low price. However, offering great quality. Among the products we offer at a very reduced price, are the following:

  • 5 l of extra virgin olive oil: All our carafes are sold at margins of almost zero. In the end, the sale of carafes is more a rotation and service than a business. However, we believe that either we do this, or sales would be greatly reduced.
  • Natural olives: We do the same with olives, especially with those that have a high rotation and are very natural.
  • Thousand-flower honey: The thousand-flower honey from all the beekeepers we sell always has a ridiculous margin. Likewise, when beekeepers sell their most common honey, they reduce its price. This is why the thousand-flower honey is always the cheapest. This is also the case with organic and conventional thousand-flower honey.

Aceite San Benito, aceite de oliva de la cooperativa de San Benito, nuestro aceite picual

Photo 1: 5 l of extra virgin olive oil in plastik.

2. Specific seasonal promotions

Due to the changes in the season, mainly Christmas, where we bring a lot of Christmas sweets. At the end of Christmas, many of these candies are put at very reduced prices. These candies sometimes we do not put them in our online store. However, you can call us and ask for information about the end of season products we have.

Another of the great possibilities that we offer, are our oils when their preferential consumption approaches them, or even when they have passed it. For this, the best thing is to call us and ask for them.

Likewise, if you wish to know the date of preferential consumption of the oils that we send you, you can call us. However, if in the cases in which you have little date of consumption left, we always call the client and give him/her several possibilities.

Picture 2: Filtered and unfiltered oil

3. Christmas promotions

Christmas is a good time to get big promotions. At the beginning, because with the arrival of the new season’s olive oil, we, like many other companies, want to take away oils from the previous season. Therefore, if we have some bottles left over, we will sell them at a very good price.

At the end of Christmas we also add the promotions with the Christmas sweets. Since the season is leaving and we want to get rid of them.

4. Discounts in large quantities

If you are a business and you are going to buy from us in large quantities on an ongoing basis, we will give you the best price. In this case, it is best to contact us and study your case.

However, if you are looking for a price, you also have to take into account the large fluctuations that olive oil usually has.

5. Current promotions

At present we have about 20 bottles available, which are either very tightly packed or have been for some months. To this extra virgin olive oil we make discounts up to 50 %.

As for the honey bottles, we have four or five bottles of honey, which were hidden from us and we give them a 30% discount.

Therefore, if you want to take advantage of these offers, the best thing you can do is contact us.

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