Olive tree care in spring

Olivos de Porcuna en Jaén

The rainfed olive groves, despite having less work than the irrigated ones, have a lot of work. The two busiest seasons are spring and winter. The winter season is the most important, as it is at this time when the fruit is harvested for the subsequent production of extra virgin olive oil. In the case of green olives, harvesting is brought forward to autumn in September. The other most important time of year is spring, when the olive trees must be pruned to rejuvenate them so that they bear more fruit and lighten them, thus avoiding many diseases. In addition, the grass must be removed and mowed to avoid strong competition for water between the grasses and the olive tree.

The olive tree also has other care, such as fumigations, cleaning, etc.. More about the works of the olive tree, you can find it in: Care of the olive tree: irrigation.

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Olive tree care: mowing the grass

The olive tree, a very hard and grateful tree that endures the long periods of lack of rainfall and high temperatures of summer, must be cared for and frequently observed so that it can produce a quality fruit. In the spring season it is very important to take care of the presence of weeds, which suck the water from the soil and remove it from the olive tree. We must bear in mind that our olive groves, from which our extra virgin olive oil is made, come from dry land, and water is the main limiting factor. In this video, on the way to visit the olive groves, the vegetation cover is analyzed.

Video 1: Visiting the fields for subsequent mowing

Olive tree care in the garden

For those of you who live in a city or urban area and have an olive tree in your garden, the care of the olive tree will probably have other more aesthetic than productive purposes. The control of the grass here is also of some importance, but not much, as the gardens are often watered and there are no major problems of competition between the olive tree and the other grasses that in many cases are usually the lawn. What you do have to take into account is the excess of reigo, because it brings diseases and ends up killing the olive tree. For this, I recommend leaving a space between the olive tree and the lawn of a meter radius.

As for other work for the garden olive tree, pruning and thinning are very important. The production of olives produced by your olive tree or olive trees is not worth taking to a cooperative or olive oil mill, as it will be more expensive than what you get for the oil, apart from the little production of oil you will get. The best option is to use these olives and season them. You will be able to prepare healthy and delicious olives.



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