Measures against Covid-19

In Cortijuelo San Benito, from the first news of the Covid-19 we began to take action. Currently we will continue to take them until a vaccine is found or it is resolved. Also, if you come for any of our products, both olive oil and honey, we will ask for a series of measures in our store.


  1. Measurements in our shop against the Covid-19
  2. Measurements in the Monte Rozas souk
  3. Measures in our orders.
  4. Orders without minimum quantity in Las Rozas
  5. Support to the Spanish industry


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1. Measures in our store against the Covid-19

Our employees always wash their hands with soap and water when entering the store and then pour alcohol on them.

At the entrance of our shop we indicate with a big sign the following points:

  1. The mandatory use of masks. No one may enter without a mask.
  2. Do not touch any product: The only ones who touch the products like us, always before disinfecting our hands.
  3. As soon as we enter we ask the client to disinfect his frozen hands with hydroalcoholic.
  4. Keep a safe distance: We ask that they do not enter the store, if there is a customer inside. Likewise, we ask that they
  5. maintain a safe distance from the person attending them.
  6. We always keep the door open and the window, so that there is a current and the room is always ventilated.
  7. We recommend that you always pay by credit card to avoid contact with the money.

2. Measures in the Monte Rozas Souk

The following measures are being carried out in the Monte Rozas Souk:

  1. Mandatory entry with a mask inside the mall
  2. Daily disinfection of the center.
  3. Indicative traffic measures to avoid crowding
  4. They have placed different dispensers with hydroalcoholic gel.

3. Measures in our orders

As for our internet orders, we are carrying them out with the following protective measures:

  1. We wash our hands before preparing them
  2. We use a mask when preparing them.

However, and especially for orders that go outside of Spain. It seems I know that with the time that passes during transport, the coronavirus could not resist.

4. Orders without minimum quantity in Las Rozas

Due to the exceptional situation and in order to protect the most vulnerable population, we have eliminated the minimum order to bring it home. Therefore, if you live in Las Rozas de Madrid and you need any of our oils or honeys, we will not charge you any freight, regardless of the amount you buy from us.

5. Support to the Spanish food industry

In order to get us all out of this deep crisis, all our products come from Spanish factories and farmers. In short, everything you buy from us is Spanish product, and so we will strengthen our industry and our food sector.

6. Our cleaning measures

Every day we carry out cleaning measures with products that are effective against viruses and other pathogens. We use solutions of alcohol, bleach and other products that have great disinfecting power.

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