Lavender fields in Guadalajara

Brihuega, un pueblo de Guadalajara

The beautiful lavender fields of Brihuega, located in the province of Guadalajara, very close to Madrid, are a marvellous place to visit once in a lifetime. In summer, the fields turn the earth purple in contrast to the blue of the sky. All made by the lavender flowers, which also give off beauty, penetrating aroma and provide food for the bees. This is where our lavender raw honey comes from. It is also surprising to find a new Babylon, where you can hear the languages of Germans, Chinese, Japanese, French and many more. All of them accompanied by their cameras, immortalising their stay. We can’t forget the lovers, where you can’t miss these photos in your wedding album.


  1. Lavender Plantations in Spain: Brihuega
  2. When does lavender flower in Brihuega?
  3. Where are there more lavender fields in Spain?
  4. Other lavender fields in Spain: Navarra and Segovia

Summary: Photographs of the lavender fields of Brihuega and other views from the village.  Also, in our shop in Las Rozas de Madrid you have at your disposal the honeys( rosemary honey, thyme) produced there: lavender, mil flores, rosemary and thyme and milflores.

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1. Lavender plantations in Spain: Brihuega

Brihuega is a municipality in the province of Guadalajara, bordering Madrid, also belonging to the region of La Alcarria. Both Brihuega and the whole region stand out for its beautiful landscapes, its delicious food, its fantastic products and its open citizens.

It is mainly in Brihuega where the largest lavender fields are to be found, fields that stain the landscape with a purple colour, a lavender scent and from which the bees also take advantage of. For this reason, it is also in these lands where the best lavender honeys are produced, such as that of our beekeeper from Apícola Moreno.

Moreover, this beautiful landscape of the lavender fields is becoming more and more known and admired. At the beginning they were only visited by locals and people from places near Guadalajara. Now, we meet people from other communities and countries, as far away as Japan.

a) The real Guadalajara

Many people have a bad image of Guadalajara, as the main roads pass through arid areas all over Guadalajara. When they see this small part of Guadalajara, they have the concept that this province is desert and depopulated. The reality is totally different. If you take your car and drive through more secondary roads, you will discover the real Guadalajara, full of life, history and beautiful views of nature.

In order to show you the real Guadalajara and the beautiful lavender fields of Brihuega, we would like to introduce you to these beautiful lands of Spain with this small album. We also encourage you to visit them, taste their regional products and never forget their fantastic honeys of lavender, thyme and a thousand flowers with Denomination of Origin of La Alcarria.

b) Visit to Brihuega

Every year I visit this beautiful village in Guadalajara, Brihuega. From one of my many visits, I made a small photo album which I show you below.

First of all, we show you a picture taken from the church of Brihuega, where we can see the fields.

Photo 1: View of the Brihuega fields .

At the same point, looking west, we can also see more fields and where the river flows.

Photo 2: Fields from Brihuega .

If you talk about Guadalajara and its towns, the sweetness of its spectacular honey comes to mind for all of us.

La Alcarría includes part of the municipality of Guadalajara and Cuenca and is home to one of the best areas in Spain for the development of beekeeping, which is why the region of La Alcarria was one of the first designations of origin for honey and one of the few that exist today. This designation recognises only two types of honey, multi-flower honey and rosemary honey.

Photo 3: Beehives located in the fields of the region of La Alcarría, Guadalajara.

The hives are also placed near trees to protect them from the heat.

Photo 4: Beehives located in the region of La Alcarria, Guadalajara.

Afterwards, we were able to visit the famous lavender fields. The scent they gave off and the sound of the bees gathering their nectar was spectacular.

Photo 5: Fields of lavender, in Guadalajara

Finally, before returning to Madrid, we took a photo of the outskirts of the village where we could also see the fields surrounding the village.

Photo 6: Views from Brihuega, Guadalajara

In short, a beautiful village very close to Madrid that is well worth a visit, especially in July to see the impressive lavender fields that are unique in Spain.

2. When does lavender blossom in Brihuega?

Lavender in Brihuega and throughout the La Mancha plateau blooms in July and is harvested at the end of this month.

Visiting the fields of lavender with its open flowers filled with fantastic scent and where you hear the strong buzz of bees, is something worth visiting. These purple fields are also a typical area used by photographers to photograph newlyweds.

At this time of the year the lavender festival is also celebrated in Brihuega, where the color of the lavender from the fields is brought to the city. All the locals fill their facades and balconies with lavender ornaments. An ideal time to spend a weekend in Brihuega.

3. Where is there more lavender field in Spain?

The most important lavender plantations are located in Brihuega. In the rest of Spain there are no significant lavender plantations.

Lavender is a decorative plant that is most often found in gardens or medium sized plants. It is usually placed in medium for its resistance to drought.

Lavender is the cultivated plant of the cantueso, the wild plant, which is found in the Mediterranean forests accompanying holm oaks, rosemary and thyme. Therefore this cantueso flower can be found in almost all Spain.

4. Other lavender fields: Navarre and Segovia

With the low profitability of agriculture, alternative crops are being developed in Spain, including the cultivation of lavender. In France, the lavender fields of Provence are well known, in Spain those of Brihuega. However, lavender is now beginning to be cultivated in other parts of Spain, such as Navarre and Segovia.

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