Las Rozas de Madrid

CEntro del pueblo de Las Rozas de Madrid en Navidad

Las Rozas de Madrid is one of the most important dormitory municipalities in Madrid located to the northwest of that community. This municipality is one of the richest in Spain and is known primarily for its shopping centers: Las Rozas Village, Factory and Plaza Norte II.

Las Rozas de Madrid has a lot of places worth visiting, such as our shop in El Cortijuelo de San Benito, a shop specialising in extra virgin olive oil, raw honey and olives, where you will find the best olive oils and honeys: Oro Bailen, Casas Hualdo, Castillo de Canena, etc. If you need to know how to buy a good olive oil, you may be interested in our article, where to buy extra virgin olive oil.

How to get to Las Rozas de Madrid

Las Rozas de Madrid can be reached by public transport or by private car. By public transport we have the following options:

– Train: Las Rozas de Madrid has three train stations; Las Rozas, El Pinar de Las Rozas and Las Matas. From Las Rozas station we can reach the centre and the old part of the town on foot. From the Pinar de Las Rozas station you can easily walk to the shopping centre of Carefour and Leroy Merlin. Walking a little more to the Factory, and about half an hour to the Rozas Village and the place of leisure of Heron City, the station of Las Matas allows us to reach the district of Las Matas.

– Bus: Las Rozas has several bus routes that connect Las Rozas with Moncloa, Majadahonda, Pozuelo and Villalba.

– Car: Las Rozas has around it many important communication links, the A-6, the M-50 and the road that takes us to the Escorial. From Moncloa you reach Madrid in about 20 minutes.

Pictures of Las Rozas in Madrid

The first stop I made was at the town hall of that municipality.

Photo 1: Las Rozas Town Hall

Photo 2: Real Street of Las Rozas in Madrid.

One of the best known places in the world is the Rozas Village, and as expected, at Christmas they decorate it with pleasure as you will see below.

The photo below shows a beautiful Christmas tree and in the background the Rozas Village. To the right we can also see the street Camilo Jose Cela that separates the Rozas Village with Heron City, the most important leisure center of Las Rozas in Madrid.

Las Rozas Village in Las Rozas de Madrid
Las Rozas Village is the most international and well-known shopping centre in this municipality. Las Rozas Village is an outlet of luxury brands where we can find great discounts of great brands.

This shopping center is a great success and we meet people of all nationalities. Next we show you some photos we took of Las Rozas Village and its surroundings this Christmas 2016-2017.

From camilo Jose Cela street you can see from afar the star that is located in the roundabout between the Rozas Village and Heron City.

Photo 4: Camilo José Cela street

Another photo taken on Calle Camillo Jo´se Cela where you can see the Rozas Village in the background, but as it was Christmas Day it was closed and not all the lights were on.

Photo 5: The Camilo José Cela street in Cristhmas

The best shops in the Rozas of Madrid

Las Rozas de Madrid is standing out for its great assortment in the shopping sector. Where it stands out most is in the sale of outlet clothes, in the number of supermarkets and in the furniture sector. In addition, like any municipality, there are shops for everything.

Between the sectors of purchase and stores more out-standing, we can name:

Clothing sector: Here there are numerous shopping centres and outlets. The most important would be: Las Rozas Village, Factory and Plaza Norte II

Food sector: Las Rozas has a large assortment of department stores and specialist shops. The most important department stores located here would be: Carefour, Mercadona, Hipercor, Simply, Condis, Día…

In the food sector we highlight the shop of El Cortijuelo de San Benito, where you will find the best selection of extra virgin olive oils, raw honeys, olives and natural cosmetics. A highly recommended store.

Household sector: Las Rozas has many shops specialising in the home, almost all of them located in the Europolis.

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